Patch for VS 2010 “Scrolling Context Menu”

One of the top reported Microsoft Connect issues with VS 2010 has been an issue where context menus scroll even when there is sufficient screen real estate to show the menu in its entirely (with no scrolling required).

The VS and WPF teams issued public hotfixes today that you can download to fix this issue. You can learn more and download them here.

You can review my previous posts about other public VS 2010 hotfixes that are available below:

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  • Finally, cheers for that!

  • I agree with #ooswald.


  • Ah thank God for that! Nice fix :)

  • Hello Scott,

    I am confused about all that patches, fixes and updates to Visual Studio.
    Is there any SINGLE place I can browse all fixes/patches released for VS2010 or previous versions?


  • Thanks, this saves me a lot of time!

  • Bhavesh @ .Net Blog: Go to Debug -> Exceptions (or press Ctrl+D,E) and check the box under the "Thrown" column for "Common Language Runtime Exceptions".

    Does that solve your problem?

  • On the editor, some keys sometimes become disabled on some tabs. Nothing happens when you press Home/End/Delete/Backspace. When you close and open the file on the tab, it works properly. I do not know if there is any fix for that.

  • It would be great if someone could make a list of all available hotfixes for Visual Studio 2010.
    And great thanks for improving VS2010.

  • Thanks Scott, it's such a relief to have this fixed :-)

  • The Problem with DblClick on Doc-Tabs (from oriberu) is even worse: When you try to undo your mistake and DblClick again on the head of the document then it maximizes covering the whole studio behind it...
    I miss the MDI features of VS2008

  • One other similar annoying as hell issue I've seen: when you copy/paste a file in the solution window (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V), the solution window navigates either to the end or to some other random location. It should instead select the new file you just pasted and scroll to it.

  • What's cool (well, to me at least) is that the x64 WPF fix download count if far ahead of the x86 one.

  • The first patch (the VS one) has been running for about half an hour for me, and the progress bar has stalled at less than 50%. Seems a little crazy for a patch that weighs in under 3 MB. I'm going to have to cancel it so I can get some work done :-/

  • If I have posted this in the wrong forum, I apologize.
    I have an issue with IE content advisor breaking the Session variables in ASP.NET and I was wondering if this was going to be fixed anytime soon. It is annoying to tell customers to disable the content advisor everytime they want to use the website.
    The only solution to this that I know of is to not use Session variables or get a PIC rating, but isnt it ironic that the most problems with websites developed using Microsoft Products occur in a browser developed by Microsoft!!!
    any feedback is appreciated.

  • With all due respect, you supply a patch for a dialog growing 16 pixels but don't release a patch for the entity framework 4 issue below (Connect ID#: 505178.). This is a serious error and results in data loss....It has akso been fixed and closed for a year...and you all still haven't released a hotfix...even though we've pleaded for a hotfix on connect for some time now...only to fall on deaf ears. Please help us Scott! Thanks!

    StoreGeneratedPattern Property in ADO.NET Entity Model Designer sets CDSL annotation but not SSDL attribute

  • Nice work... very irritating little bug when you were running several add-ons that filled up the context menu.

  • I've been wondering why is it that you guys never push these fixes through windows update?

    Why the manual downloads? Having manual download is nice ... but never having to worry about them is even better. checkbox, checkbox, install updates, forget.

  • Dear Scott, my VS10 keeps restarting after I Add Reference of one project to another project. I use Windows 7. Is this a known issue? Thanks!

  • I am waiting , When will a general Service Pack be available to get all of these hotfixes rolled up?

  • Are you aware that every time you post a new article, it shows up at least 8 times in the rss feed? It's only the latest post that does that.

  • After installing the patch, along with the patch for the growing find and replace window, and the cut/paste insufficient memory issue, VS now crashes and has to restart after navigating through files in different projects, but the same solution. Very annoying, and I may have to uninstall the patches just to continue working.

  • Thanks Scott for being the bearer of good tidings! I love it when small (but annoying) things finally get the attention they deserve!

  • I think I have downloaded all the fixes. Wow why so many it get's confusing.

  • Would be nice to have an option in Visual Studio under Help that says Check for Visual Studio Patches that would like out all of the patches released for Visual Studio.

  • Problem with this patch is that it messed up SL4 tools for me. I could not open SL4 projects after installing the patches. Had to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010.

  • Thank you, very useful I saved a lot of time!

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