NuGet 1.1 Released

This past weekend the ASP.NET team released NuGet 1.1.  Phil Haack recently blogged a bunch of details on the enhancements it brings, as well as how to update to it if you already have NuGet 1.0 installed.  It is definitely a nice update (my favorite improvement is that it no longer blocks the UI when downloading packages).

Read Phil’s blog post about the NuGet 1.1 update and how it install it here

NuGet is Not just for Web Projects

NuGet is not just for ASP.NET projects – it supports any .NET project type.  Pete Brown recently did a nice blog post where he talked about using NuGet for WPF and Silverlight Development as well. 

You can read Pete’s blog post about NuGet for WPF and Silverlight here.

How to Install NuGet if you Don't Already have it Installed

If you don’t already have NuGet installed, you can download and install it (as well as browse the 700+ OSS packages now available with it) from the website.

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  • I have already read about this in the Phil blog, very nice update... Thank you too

  • Will NuGet be integrated with Visual Studio in future ? It would be more easy to use it that way.

  • I'll believe NuGet is not just for ASP.Net projects when I see the Microsoft SharePoint team adopt it as the standard way to deploy a SharePoint solution. Until then, it's a nice piece of eye candy for small demonstration projects.

  • When are you opening the gallery for new package contributors ?

  • I figured I would share this:

    I ran into an issue with running the update within Visual Studio running as a user without admin privileges. When I ran the update process, it spun up dozens of VS install instances and eventually exhausted my RAM. I had to forcibly reboot and then I ran the update within Visual Studio running as a user with admin privileges and the update worked fine.

    Our corporate IT policy requires us to run with users lacking admin privileges. Fortunately we have the ability to run with admin privileges when absolutely needed; like this case.

  • well i like it that you also provided for Express edition. well from some day i love to use Express edition as well i use in my programming starting day.
    tell me are that possible that small addons like jsenhancement or some css plugin can be avilable for Express edition.

  • As more packages continue to get added I am sure NuGet will become an indispensable plug-in for every Visual Studio developer.

  • This update failed to install successfully; the install log says, "SIXInstaller.SignatureMismatchException: The installed version of 'NuGet Package Manager' is signed, but the update version has an invalid signature. Therefore, Extension Manager cannot install the update."

  • Would this work for the next release of Asp.Net? Or we will have to wait for Nuget 1.2?

  • This is great for things like nhibernate. Using nhibernate for me was pretty much the first time I had more than 4-5 dll's in my bin :)

  • John Shissler mentioned a good point, while the functionality is really superior, it lacks some guidance to find what you are actually looking for. Anyway, NuGet rules!

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