November Conferences

I’m doing keynotes at two big conferences later this month:

ASP.NET Connections in Las Vegas: November 9th to 12th

I’ll be doing a keynote talking about ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010 at the ASP.NET Connections conference next week.  I’ll also be doing an evening Q&A session together with the ASP.NET team.

ASP.NET Connections is a great conference that is jointly hosted with the VS, SharePoint, SQL and Windows Connections conferences (enabling you to choose from tons of great sessions).  The speakers at the event are also really top-notch.

You can learn more about the conference and register online here.

PDC in Los Angeles: November 17th to 19th

I’m also doing a keynote at the Microsoft PDC conference in two weeks.  The PDC is Microsoft’s big platform conference, where we talk about future platform and technology roadmaps.  There is almost always some cool new stuff...

You can learn more about the conference and register online here.

Hope I might be able to see some of you in person at one of these events!


P.S. In addition to blogging, I’m also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at: (@scottgu is my twitter name)


  • Hi Scott,
    please confirm, if you will make the session live so that we can watch some where in MSDN or what ever ? will you record it so that we can watch later on ?
    Thanks :)

  • The ASP.NET Connection conference is also home to OpenForce 09, the DotNetNuke conference.

    If you're signing up you can get $200 off with discount code "Chammo" for any of the DevConnections conferences next week.

  • Scott, between you and the other Scotts (scottha and scotthu), It seems like ASP.NET moving forward will allow for (and perhaps even encourage?) hybrid ASP.NET apps (using WebForms + MVC + Dynamic Data).

    For my scenario, this could be very useful indeed. I need some very data-centric forms that are easy to build (WebForms control support is top notch for this), but I would like to keep everything else tightly controlled and very simple (MVC is awesome at this). Finally, the advances in Dynamic Data (particularly if I can inject my own metadata) will be the clincher.

    My question: At the upcoming conferences, will there be any (recorded please!!) demos showing sample app(s) using such a hybrid? This would be really useful.

    Regardless, appreciate the epic posts you are putting up, great work! ^_^

  • looking forward your further updates on the conference.

  • is there any entrance fee?

  • Can we expect to see them via Channel9? That would be great for us who can't attend the conferences.

  • hello adorable scott listen to me "who beta version is best for me to install in my system for developing and mvc web application"
    thanks if you say answer answer give to this post

  • Thanks

  • good stuff. Thanks mate!

  • Loved the PDC keynote. Is that short SketchFlow video available anywhere online?

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