My VS 2010 and ASP.NET 4 Talks Online

The past 7 years I’ve done an annual all day event in Arizona – organized by the most excellent Scott Cate (who always does a phenomenal job organizing the event and making it a great one). Earlier this month I visited and presented 4+ hours of content covering VS 2010, ASP.NET 4 and ASP.NET MVC 2. The talks are demo-heavy and show off a ton of new features. – a .NET shop local to Arizona who has a great product for sharing presentations – volunteered to record the talks and publish them for free using their online presentation tool.  The recordings they did turned out really, really great – and their online player (which combines slides + camera of me + demos in one experience) is awesome.  Below you can watch the first two segments of my event – which cover VS 2010 and ASP.NET 4 – for free online using the player experience.  I’ll post a link to my ASP.NET MVC 2 segment a little later in a separate blog post. 

If you’ve never seen me present these talks before and are interested in VS 2010 and .NET 4 content then I’d recommend checking them out – as these recordings do a really good job capturing them.

Part 1 - VS 2010

This is a 49 minute segment that starts the event and covers a bunch of the new improvements in VS 2010.  You can launch the presentation directly here or watch it inline below.  You can download powerpoint versions of my slides here.

Part 2- ASP.NET 4

This 61 minute segment comes next and drills into some of the framework improvements with ASP.NET 4.  It also goes further on some of the web specific tooling improvements in VS 2010 – and towards the end demonstrates some of the great new end-to-end web deployment features provided with VS 2010 (which work for both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC applications).

You can launch the presentation directly here or watch it inline below:

Learning More about VS 2010 and ASP.NET 4

I’ve been working on a series of blog post about VS 2010 and .NET 4.  Many of the features I covered in my two talks above are described in more detail in posts within the series.  You can read all of them here. I’ll be continuing adding to the series via my blog, so stay tuned for more in-depth posts about a bunch more new features.

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P.S. People often ask whether they can re-use the slides+demos I use in my talks for talks of their own.  The answer to this is always absolutely! No need to ask permission. Feel free to re-use all of my slides for talks of your own.

P.P.S. In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at:


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