May 20th Links: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, .NET 4, VS 2010, Silverlight

Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my VS 2010 and .NET 4 series and ASP.NET MVC 2 series for other on-going blog series I’m working on.

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  • ASP.NET MVC with jTemplates Part 1 and Part 2: Steve Gentile has a nice two-part set of blog posts that demonstrate how to use the jTemplate and DataTable jQuery libraries to implement client-side data binding with ASP.NET MVC.

  • How to Configure VS 2010 Code Coverage for ASP.NET MVC Unit Tests: Visual Studio enables you to calculate the “code coverage” of your unit tests.  This measures the percentage of code within your application that is exercised by your tests – and can give you a sense of how much test coverage you have.  Gunnar Peipman demonstrates how to configure this for ASP.NET MVC projects.

  • Shrinkr URL Shortening Service Sample: A nice open source application and code sample built by Kazi Manzur that demonstrates how to implement a URL Shortening Services (like using ASP.NET MVC 2 and EF4.  More details here.

  • Creating RSS Feeds in ASP.NET MVC: Damien Guard has a nice post that describes a cool new “FeedResult” class he created that makes it easy to publish and expose RSS feeds from within ASP.NET MVC sites.


.NET 4

  • Entity Framework 4 Video Series: Julie Lerman has a nice, free, 7-part video series on MSDN that walks through how to use the new EF4 capabilities with VS 2010 and .NET 4.  I’ll be covering EF4 in a blog series that I’m going to start shortly as well.

  • Getting Lazy with System.Lazy: System.Lazy and System.Lazy<T> are new features in .NET 4 that provide a way to create objects that may need to perform time consuming operations and defer the execution of the operation until it is needed.  Derik Whittaker has a nice write-up that describes how to use it.

  • LINQ to Twitter: Nifty open source library on Codeplex that enables you to use LINQ syntax to query Twitter.

Visual Studio 2010

  • Using Intellitrace in VS 2010: Chris Koenig has a nice 10 minute video that demonstrates how to use the new Intellitrace features of VS 2010 to enable DVR playback of your debug sessions.

  • How to maintain control of your code using Layer Diagrams: Another great blog post by Jennifer Marsman that demonstrates how to setup a “layer diagram” within VS 2010 to enforce clean layering within your applications.  This enables you to enforce a compiler error if someone inadvertently violates a layer design rule.

  • Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer Extension: Useful VS 2010 extension that enables you to quickly collapse “child nodes” within the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.  If you have deeply nested project structures this extension is useful.

Silverlight and Windows Phone 7

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  • Thanks for the Weekend feed Scott!

  • Thank's Scott for me those are very useful blog post links >:9

  • Thanks for your list Scott!
    I recently made this post about C# and Linq to XML for twitter search and post listing and now I've seen that there is a Linq to Twitter LOL!

  • MVC & SessionState? I'm currently architecting a rewrite of a .net 1.0 application and looking to use MVC 2. During my eval I've looked at a business process that has 6 views, each one capturing data. My old head is to use Session and stick the POCO object into that, gather the data from all 6 views, and finally on submit, commit the entire object to the database.

    Should I use Session or my database, what patterns should I implement to avoid SessionState, in a true stateless environment?

    Scott, MVC and TDD aren't geared up for a http context, what do you recommend for a commercial application (not nerddinner!)


  • Thank you very much for sharing the treasure. I am also forwarding this to my fellows.

  • Scott, imagine by a moment that a telco company has all the products you kindly indicate in your blog (asume that WP7 is released to market). Including and together with WPF, WF and WCF and jquery, the telco executives believe that every product is a different "Lego" and so, they challenge us (developers) to build an application that display on the WEB the daily company's financial information using every "Lego" in a mandatory way. The application includes not only numbers to display but graphics, it also includes a desktop application which lets us to interact with external application, then for establishing the rules of data recovery and to keep the consistency of information; finally it includes a Windows service to listen any change of the financial data of the external systems and retrieve that data to shown on the Web.
    Is this possible for you to advice us how to fit everyone of the "Legos" in the explained situation?

  • really nice sharing thanks

  • Scott, if you are going to cover the Entity Framework in a series of blog posts, could you explain how to create a good, generic repository? There are various examples on the web, but I have found some problems with every single one I tried. I would especially like to see how you would handle the connected / disconnected stuff when it comes to sending updates to the database.

  • Hi Scott
    Thank you for putting this together. This is a ton of info. What is your advice for a new business web app? ASP.NET or Silver Light? Do you have best practices or recommended patterns? Any guidance is appreciated.

  • Thanks for the links, lot of good stuff here (especially MVC)!

  • Linq to Twitter is amazing. It's always a great feeling to visit your blog. :)

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    Thanks for including my MongoDB/ASP.NET MVC posts. Check out the post NoSQL with RavenDB and ASP.NET MVC - Part 1 at

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