March 28th Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, Silverlight, .NET

Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my ASP.NET Tips, Tricks and Tutorials page for links to popular articles I've done myself in the past.




  • Kigg - Building a Digg Clone with ASP.NET MVC: Kazi Manzur Rashid published an excellent Digg-clone sample built with ASP.NET MVC last February.  He recently updated the code to work with ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 (full details here).  You can download the latest version of his source code here.

  • Testing with the ASP.NET MVC Framework: Simone Chiaretta has a great article that discusses how to test controllers using ASP.NET MVC Preview 2.  Note: the next ASP.NET MVC preview release will include a number of refactorings that will simplify controller testing considerably (and avoid the need to mock anything for common scenarios).

Visual Studio

  • VS 2008 Web Deployment Hot-Fix Roll-Up Now Available for non-English Languages: Last month we shipped a hot-fix release that fixes a number of bugs, adds a few features, and improves performance for web development scenarios in VS 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.  Last month's release only worked with the English-language VS 2008 products.  Yesterday we shipped an update that now works for all VS 2008 languages except Portuguese and Russian (which are still to come in the future). 

  • Hotfix Available for VB Performance Issue in VS 2008: The Visual Basic team recently released a hotfix as well that addresses a performance issue with large files that contain XML documentation.  Read this post to learn more about how to download it if you are running into this issue.


  • Using Silverlight 2's DataGrid with WCF + LINQ to SQL: This 15 minute video blog demonstrates how to build a LINQ to SQL object model on the server and publish it using WCF.  It then demonstrates how to build a Silverlight client that uses the new Silverlight DataGrid control, and which calls the WCF service to retrieve the LINQ to SQL data to populate it with.

  • Simple Editing of Web Service Data in a DataGrid: Mike Taulty has a nice blog post that shows how to create a WCF service on the server, and then use it from a Silverlight 2 client to retrieve data, bind it to a DataGrid, allow users to update rows, add/delete rows, and then save it back to the server using Silverlight 2 Beta1.

  • Sorting with Silverlight 2's DataGrid Control: The DataGrid control in Silverlight 2 Beta1 doesn't yet have built-in column sorting support (it is coming in Beta2).  That hasn't stopped Matt Berseth though!  In this post he shows how to implement sorting using a custom header column approach.  Also check out Matt's post here, which provides a DataGrid test page that shows off a number of the current DataGrid features.

  • Open Source Silverlight Charts with VisiFire: Silverlight doesn't yet have built-in charting controls.  The good news is that the folks at Webyog just released a really cool set of open source Silverlight charting controls (complete with animation support) that enable you to easily build great looking charts.  Their model makes it super easy to use the chart components within existing HTML or AJAX applications.


  • FormatWith and DateTime Extension Methods: James Newton-King and Fredrik Kalseth have some nice posts and samples that demonstrate how to use the new extension method feature in the VB and C# languages in VS 2008 to create some useful convenience libraries. 

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  • Hi,Scott,could i join your team?

  • Hi Scott,
    Any idea about a release date for Silverlight 2?

  • Nice list as usual. I recently have switched from VB.NET to C#, and I was disappointed to find that the task list is more limited in the C# editor. With VB.NET you can see your TODO and other comment tokens across all your files, but you can't in C#.

    Also, it would be nice if there was a tool that included these comments in your build output. Do you know of any tools to enhance the comment tokens? Or perhaps it will be in the next version of VS?

  • One day I know you'll link me! ;-)

  • For those that haven't checked out Scott's awesome series of Sivlerlight 2 tutorials he posted them here:

    They've been converted to video as well and can be viewed here:

  • Thanks for the links!

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use silverlight for standalone apps with full access to resources (file system, networking, etc, ie not sandboxed)? I know about WPF but WPF is too big (and windows only).

    For us (and I am sure for a lot of others) lack of this feature alone will make us switch to alternatives.

    I searched for this here and there but it seems that Microsoft does not want to talk about this?

  • Hi,ScottG,
    Any idea about a beta2 release date for Silverlight 2?
    Silverlight 2 will supports webcam and mic in final release?


  • When iS Beta 2 releasing? What are the added features?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for nice posts.
    I have a question about LINQ to SQL. By using the ORM designer in vs 2008, I am creating my DataContext class.
    If something changes in Database ( Say a table is modified and also a stored procedure ). is there any way I can tell my DataContext class to update it self ?.
    Because I keep on changing my sprocs ( like I add a column in query ). This should also get reflected in the function in LINQ to SQL.
    Any best tip and trick for this.
    Thank you

  • Great links! I always looking at you.


  • Thank you so much! :-)

  • It seems to me that MVC is taking us back to the asp time where the code is mixed with HTML.
    It's really a mass.
    Can any body tell me why?!
    Even the data binding is not done in the code behind in the most posted examples! Is there a reason for?
    Please answer.

  • This is really helpful links.

  • Right now im just finished main part of my teris game using silverlight.I found silverlight's graphic engine is not very well ,when there are not too much graphic object it's seem work well ,but when the amount of graphic object grown the speed will slow down ,
    can someone give me some suggestion to solve it .thanks .
    Bye the way ,Does silverlight plan to support directx or opengl .
    This link is the test link of the game . (
    thanks for your help

  • Scott - about a month ago you said that you thought that the VS2008 intellisense would be available about now for VBScript and ASP Classic. Do you have any more info on that. It sounded like your team was just going to re-enable that code. We are going live with TFS2008 and VS2008 this month and still need to support an old ASP Classic web site.

  • I patiently look forward to the day that I will be able to use MasterPages without having to deal with mangled Client IDs. Possibly with a Page level attribute or an attribute on the ContentPlaceholder control? Maybe an attribute on the Content control? Maybe call it EnforceUniqueClientIds and set the default value to true (backwards compatibility), but allow us to set it to false? Any news on that Scott?

  • hi scott, i tried visifire. believe me i was able to create cool silverlight charts in minutes, kudos visifire.

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