Learn Windows Azure Next Tuesday (Dec 13th)

As some of you might know, I’ve spent much of my time the last 6 months working on Windows Azure – which is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform (I also continue to work on ASP.NET, .NET, VS and a bunch of other products).

Next Tuesday, Dec 13th we’ll be holding a special Learn Windows Azure training event for developers.  It will provide a great way to learn Windows Azure and what it provides.  You can attend the event either by watching it streamed LIVE online, or by attending in person (on the Microsoft Redmond Campus).  Both options are completely free.

Learn Window Azure Event

top_imageDuring the Learn Windows Azure event attendees will learn how to start building great cloud based applications using Windows Azure.

I’ll be kicking off the day with a 90 minute keynote that will provide an overview of Windows Azure, during which I’ll explain the concepts behind it and the core features and benefits it provides.  I’ll also walkthrough how to build applications for it using .NET, Visual Studio and the Windows Azure SDK (with lots of demos of it in action).

We’ll then spend the rest of the day drilling into more depth on Cloud Data and Storage, how to use the Visual Studio Windows Azure Tools, how to Build Scalable Cloud Applications, and close off with an Q&A panel with myself, Dave Campbell and Mark Russinovich.

Register Now for Free

The free Learn Windows Azure event will start at 9am (PST) on Dec 13th.  You’ll be able to watch the entire event live on Channel9 or attend it in person.  Both options are completely free.

  • Register now to watch online or attend the event in person for FREE

I hope to get a chance to chat with you about Windows Azure there!


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  • Thanks Scott.

    This is great. That would be also great if the live stream is recorded so that we have a chance to watch them later for thousand times.

  • @tugberk: All the video will be published on Channel9 after the event.

  • Thanks Scott!!! We are looking more this kind of events.

  • Awsome Scott. I hope you can compare Azure to a hosted site running sql server, and to help us figure out how much it might cost us based on different scenarios. We're simply trying to figure out WHEN to jump from a hosted sql server site to azure.

    Thanks as always Scott!! Looking forward to the event!

  • scott, this was amazing, keep such events coming! thanks alot

  • Will attend this event remotely. Thanks for this public event.

  • Great scott. Meet yah there !

  • Thanks @Wade :) Looking forward to that.

  • Thanks @Wade :) Looking forward to that.

  • Gonna watch. Thanks!

  • Straight question, and hope for straight answer: Is SL5 last ?

  • So to follow along and create stuff do we have to do one of those *clean* installs with all the latest and greatest MS software that could mess up our current working configuration and you won't guarantee that it won't?
    I am really jealous of someone that can reformat and bring a nice clean laptop to your presentations and keep up with all the latest and greatest that is required. I make a living with my computer providing business solutions, not building and rebuilding my computer.

    Sigh, but I will probably attending remotely anyway.

  • Scott,

    Could Microsoft consider to provide free Azure account for developer without MSDN. It is really hard for us to learn Azure with a pay account.

    Many thanks !

  • @John A Davis - you can always use a VM. All the benefits of a fresh install while not blowing up your current setup. No additional hardware required! :)

  • This is great news I was so happy when I heard you were stepping into Azure I bought a new box just for VS 11 and .net 4.5 I tried to get into learning Azure dev a couple of times over their last couple of years I found major gaps and bugs in the training I had to put it down and move on and then go back to it only to find the same issues one can only spend so much time going in circles

    The new features and training kit look good and I'm looking forward to giving it a go I like then new deployment strategy build an ASP.NET app add Azure deploy project and hoop there it is that was needed badly.

    I still find the pricing structure had to get my head around you almost need to be a rocket scientist not a web developer to figure it out

    I'm sure with you and your team on it the transion for the millions of .NET developers will be made easy

    Thanks for all the great work you and your team have done for us in the past looking forward to the future

    Merry Xmas and happy holidays

  • Hello,

    Me and my colleague tried to register for the online event. But the registration didn't go through. We got stuck at the confirmation page with 'just a moment...'. Can you please let us know if there is any other way to do this or help us register for this event.

    Uday Pidikiti

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