jQuery 1.4.1 Intellisense with Visual Studio

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A few people have emailed me recently asking about the availability of a Visual Studio –vsdoc intellisense hint file for jQuery 1.4.1. 

I blogged about –vsdoc files in the past – they provide additional intellisense help information for Visual Studio, and enable you to get a richer intellisense experience with dynamic Javascript libraries.  If you are using VS 2008 SP1 you’ll want to download and install this patch in order to have VS 2008 automatically use –vsdoc files with intellisense.  VS 2010 has support for –vsdoc files built-in.

jQuery 1.4.1 –vsdoc download

The good news is that you can download –vsdoc files for jQuery directly from the jQuery web-site (look for the “Documentation: Visual Studio” link under each major version).  Here is a direct pointer to the recently released –vsdoc file for jQuery 1.4.1 that you can use.

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