Details on My Speaking Events in Zurich, Mountain View, and Phoenix

I'm now half-way through my speaking tour for the month.  In my last post on this I didn't have all of the time/location details on the final events.  Here are some updated details below:

Zurich, Switzerland on June 18th:

In addition to doing the keynote and some Silverlight breakout talks at the Zurich ReMIX conference, I'm also speaking at the local .NET user group in the evening of June 18th on ASP.NET and Visual Studio "Orcas".

You can learn more and attend the 90 minute user group event for free here.

Mountain View, California on June 22nd:

I'll be doing the keynote at the Mountain View ReMIX conference next Friday.  You can learn more about the event and register (for free) here.

Phoenix, Arizona on June 27th:

I'll be speaking at a special day-long event in Phoenix being held by the Arizona .NET User Group on June 27th.  I'll be covering both ASP.NET and Visual Studio "Orcas", as well as do a talk introducing Silverlight.

Stefan Schackow, who is one of the senior technical leads on the ASP.NET team and who also wrote the excellent ASP.NET 2.0 Security, Membership and Role Management book that I've recommended on my blog several times in the past, will also be speaking at the event.

You can learn more about the Phoenix event and register to attend it for free here.

Hope this helps,



  • i live in pakistan and dream to see u here for informative events. do u have any plan to come here. in fact here every year PDC happens but we also want you to be here for such events

  • Is there any way we can bring you to India for a session. I have been following you for very long and want to hear a session from you. :)

    Please do come to INDIA

  • Scott - which airline has the best frequent flyer program? :-)

  • Hi Muhammad/Vikram,

    I'd love to have the chance to come to speak in both India and Pakistan some day. I don't know when that will be just yet, but it is definitely on my list todo some day.



  • As I only live 4 hours away on the wonderful Navajo Nation reservation in Cornfields, AZ, I will be attending the event in Phoenix, AZ...

  • I attended your session @ Technopark in Zurich tonight. The demo about LINQ was a real eye opener. Fantastic session and really cool to see somebody at your position still being so much down to earth and connected to the community.

  • Hi Scott, Just wondering if you'll be doing any more events in England for this stuff ?
    You're a bit of a celebrity at our Company :) (EIBS)

  • Hi Russ,

    It looks like I'm going to be back in the UK on September 11th and 12th at the ReMIX event in London doing 5 talks. :-)

    I'll post details on my blog in the next week or two once the conference registration opens.


  • Hi Scott,

    I attended the .NET User Group meeting in Phoenix and really enjoyed your talks on LINQ and Silverlight. You spoke about the .NET runtime installers and I believe you mentioned that a new version of the full .NET runtime installer would be released in the future. Any idea when that will be available?

    My company is building a WPF application and we need to deploy .NET 2.0/3.0 runtime along with our app when the customer does not already have them. We would benefit greatly from any improvement of the performance of these installers.

  • Hi Scott,
    I attended Remix in SVC, it was an awesome session, David Pugmire and Tim Sneath's session were very cool too.
    Thanks for chatting with me after your Keynote.

  • Hi Doug,

    We don't yet have any public information on the new installation approaches we are going to be coming out with in the future. But I think you'll really like it when we start sharing the details.

    Thanks again for coming to the event!


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