ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC, and Silverlight 4 Videos of my Talks in Europe

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Hope you all had a great holiday – welcome to 2010!

Last month I did a blog post about some of the presentations I did in Europe and posted the slides+demo files from them.  High-quality videos of the talks I did in Sweden were posted two weeks ago on the Channel9 site, so you can also now watch videos of the talks online as well.  The videos use a nice format where you can watch me talking as well as the screen at the same time.  The code is readable when running in full-screen mode.

Below are links to the different talks along with the slides+sample files:

ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010 Web Development

This 90 minute talk provides a nice introduction to ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010 for Web Development.  It is primarily demo-driven and walks-through a lot of the new features coming with the release. 

The talk starts with a 2 minute introduction of someone introducing me which is in Swedish – but the rest of the talk is of me talking in English.


This 2 hour talk provides a nice introduction to ASP.NET MVC, and explains it by walking through how to build a simple application with it from scratch.  Along the way it highlights and discusses some of the new features coming in ASP.NET MVC 2. 

Silverlight 4

This 60 minute talk recaps the keynote I gave at PDC.  It walks-through the new Silverlight 4 features and capabilities.

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  • I am waiting for Visual Studio 2010.

    You're Great!!!

  • Nice demo. I am pleased to see how VS2010 is offering more excellent features for developers.I am currently using VS2010 beta 2, but hope to see the final release soon.

  • Full speed ahead here Mr.Scott. This gets from being a challenge into a real odyssee and tribulation for many Dotnet Silverlight webdevelopers like me. What a amazing choices! It's dazzling to say the least.

  • Thanks a lot for the Video links Scott.


  • Thanks Scott, really nice video. Helps me alot to know about Silverlight 4.0.

  • great, the gift of the new year 2010 !

  • thanks for sharing these... And yes a happy new year to your and the entire team.

  • You mentioned the facebook silverlight app was live. Could you maybe add a link to it? I'd love to check it out.

  • I was happily coding along with your presentations from sweden until it got to the bit where you add the POCO t4 templates, is that something that will be included with the next release of VS2010? Or can I download that from somewhere

    thank you

  • hi Scott ,
    i was also stuck when i reached the POCO t4 templates part .Is it possible for you to give seperate link for the template files for POCO included with preview 1 of the EF so that we may manually put inside the folders and use it for coding till mvc2 update comes along


  • @Alex and @panchi,

    >>>>>>> I was happily coding along with your presentations from sweden until it got to the bit where you add the POCO t4 templates, is that something that will be included with the next release of VS2010? Or can I download that from somewhere

    If you can send me email ( I can email you the POCO template that you can use with VS 2010 Beta 2.



  • Could you please write a post on ASP.NET MVC 2 with EF4 as ORM?

  • thanks scott for the videos.
    I was waiting for this one since last month.

    thanks a lot once again.

  • I've been following the NerdDinner tutorial and have found it very helpful. Thank you. I have my site complete except for the fact that I need to implement 2 many-to-many relationships. Can you point me to any tutorials for creating and updating with many-to-manys? For each "dinner", I need to be able to select 1 or more companies from a company table and 1 or more services from a services table.


  • Hi Scott,

    Please hear my plea as I am getting very nervous lately with regard to continuing to create applications with MS technology.

    Has Microsoft ever thought of buying ExtJS? If not they should if they're smart. They've lost so much ground in mobile computing lately. If they can get Silverlight on the IPhone it is likely it might all turn around but that's just not going to happen fast enough if even at all.

    Creating mobile web applications with ASP.NET MVC is better than it was with ASP.NET but we still have a long way to go in terms of developing appealing UI's. For that reason I love Silverlight but it's just not making into the mobie market fast enough. We need to get .NET apps on the IPhone like last year and we need a better GUI designer and a server side model to match to help.

    At this point everyone will continue to support HTML because they have to. So the only way to ensure applications are available for the masses is still through standard HTML pages (unfortunately). If Microsoft doesn't realize this then we are doomed because you simply cannot 'HOPE' that Nokia smart phones will become more popular than the IPhone. Microsoft needs a 'plan B' (assuming Silverlight is 'plan A') to make sure MS developers can compete in this new mobile age.

    If MS bought ExtJS and made great developer tools (like they usually do) to give us a GUI designer, and a an MVC type server model to use with it in a postback-less, form-less MVC type way, .NET internet apps would be kicking everyone's butts including the App Store.

    What does Microsoft have to lose? Nearly everythng if they don't and not much if they did and it failed to 'catch on'.

    Wake up Microsoft! The mobile computing age is here and your developers need to get their applications out there before the only alternative is start learning and writing JAVA.

    I'm so frustrated!

    Thanks for listening.

  • Thanks for the Videos.

    I am little bit confuse with MVC Area.

    When we talk about WebForms we say, for administrator you must have an Admin folder to separate the admin task.

    In MVC how i will treat my Admin tasks?
    I will go for Admin Area or Admin Controllers,
    Because if i will write controller, for Admin tasks, each and every task will be written in one controller (AdminController) or if i will write Area -> Controller, means i will need to write at-least two controllers for each feature.

    Second if we breaks the application in Areas (as modules) how i will manage Admin task for each Area.

  • Thanks a lot Scott. Videos are amaizing. Now i am a Fan of ASP.NET MVC. Please let me know if u are planning to come to India I would love to meet you and attend ur classes.

  • As always great information coming out of Scott Guthrie. I'm very much enjoying the MVC 2.0 and looking to use it within our organizaton now. It certainly makes things cleaner and easier once you're used to it.

  • How is support for local printing going in Silverlight 4? It is the number 1 most required feature to make Silverlight a viable platform for line of business apps. Amazing HD is great, but if my users can't print a receipt they wont be impressed by it.

  • Creating silverlight on mvc are now easy. Thanks for the tutorials I like how you have presented the information in full detail. Keep up the great work

  • This is good, but i have never expected this error from microsoft

  • I have really gained a good knowledge about Microsoft latest technologies from this video. Hope there would be similar posts in the future.

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