April 28th Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight

Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my ASP.NET Tips, Tricks and Tutorials page and Silverlight Tutorials page for links to popular articles I've done myself in the past.


  • Displaying the Number of Active Users on an ASP.NET Site: Scott Mitchell continues his excellent series on ASP.NET's membership, roles, and profile support.  In this article he discusses how to use ASP.NET's Membership features to estimate and display the number of active users currently visiting a site.

  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data Update: The ASP.NET team last week released an update of the new ASP.NET Dynamic Data feature.  This update adds several new features including cleaner URL support using the same URL routing feature that ASP.NET MVC uses, as well as better confirmation, foreign-key, and template support. 


  • ASP.NET AJAX UI Templates: Nikhil Kothari from the ASP.NET team has a cool post that shows off a prototype he has been working on that enables clean client-side AJAX templating of UI. 


  • Inversion of Control, ASP.NET MVC and Unit Testing: Fredrik Kalseth has a cool article that talks about the concepts behind inversion of control (IOC) and how you can use this with ASP.NET MVC to better isolate dependencies and enable better unit testing of your code.


  • Silverlight - the Song: Spike Xavier and Dan Wahlin have posted another of their unique and special songs. :-)

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  • Thanks for the links :)

  • Hi Eric,

    Great testing links on Silverlight! I just added them to my queue to link to next time.



  • good set of links for Silverlight..
    keep working :)

  • Cool as always bro. ;-)

    May I request some SQL Server Report Server links for the newly updated reporting components? Pretty please.
    U da man!

  • Any word on Silverlight beta 2 and if IronPython and IronRuby will be included(with project templates, intellisense etc)


  • Hi Rodiniz
    nice presentation, cool combination..

    Thanks a lot...

  • Thanks for the useful links scott!!

  • Excelent Links I find them useful every time
    Thanks Scott

  • Thanks for your great work Scott.

  • Great links, Thanks.

  • Hi Scott,

    When is VBx language going to be finally released? any ideas...

  • thanks!!! these lists are great

  • Scott: I was in Orlando for the DevConnections and enjoyed your presentations. I was wondering if SilverLight version of SharePoint templates are in the works.

  • I just posted a Silverlight 2 two-data binding sample on my blog at http://jmcfetridge.blogspot.com/


  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the links!!! i have one question :)
    Can we expect that silverlight will be integrated with new version of IE or with vista? so when any end user upgrades browser(IE) or OS(vista) then by default it will support XAML and people don't have to download it separately.


    Hardik Joshi(tech2hard@hotmail.com)

  • It is impressive to see what Silverlight can do nowadays. Hope to see you write more about Silverlight.

  • I appologize for bothering such an important man, but doing a web search on "Templates User Controls" topic returns very little besides one blog post of yours from several years ago, and the lame MSDN library article refered to in your post. I gave up after wasting almost two full days when the benefits of the solution (avoiding lots of cut and paste repeatative code) became outweighed by the time already lost.
    Whatever I name my 'template' the designer throws the error "UI.UserControl does not contain the public method.
    All I want to do is take all the somewhat gritty code of an overly metecliously crafted (dreamwaver) rounded edge box with a top and a bottom and sides and literally encapsulate a placeholder control where I will place datagrid views as well as other stuff.
    I can get text to render in my box (even though the designer thows an error) but I can't easily "find" my inner template controls which I want to set dynamically.
    Templated User Controls deserve a revist. Perhaps you could assign one of your eager MVPs to write an updated article on this subject.
    ITemplate and IDataContainer only seem to work on 'templated' server controls and the UserControl Page is not really a templated control.


  • Scott, I think it will be very helpful if you can do a more advanced post on how to generalize Linq queries in order to avoid code redundancy. For example dynamic Where clauses.

  • Hi Scott,

    Re: ASP.NET Testing with Ivonna

    The framework is really a mocking add-on for webforms that is built ontop of TypeMock. As such you can use any unit test framework e.g. MSTest, NUnit, MbUnit etc.


  • Scott,

    Is it possible to use Custom Controls using FrameWork2.0 controls in Silver Light Application.Actually Silver Light application will allow only the controls which is built by silver light runtime. But my requirement is, I have created a customer control using FrameWork2.0(Converted to 3.5 now).I would like to use the control inside the Silver Light Application(means in Page.xaml file).Is it possible?

  • Hi,

    I’m currently working on a website project. The customer wants a nice interface using Silverlight 2.0. The problem is: “How to work with aspx pages and Silverlight?”. Let me explain with an example.

    My website is a Masterpage composed by 3 ContentPlacesHolder. One for the title, one for the menu (on the left) and one for the main content. When the user clicks on an element in the menu, I load the associated aspx page into the main content part.
    Now, I want to use Silvelight's components in my aspx pages. I thus create a Silverlight project and create "SLUserCotrol1" for my aspx page 1. Then, I load the Silverlight user control into my aspx page. What if I want to create 5 silverlight control for 5 different aspx pages? Do I need to create 5 Silverlight project? Because 1 project = 1 xap file. Is it possible to create all my user control inside the same Silverlight project and then select only the one I want to use for a page?

    What could be the solution? Any idea?



  • Hi Scott,

    Could you explain how to implement the ASP.NET authentication in Silverlight in order to use "FormsAuthentication", etc.?
    I want to be able to get the name of the logged user and so on. But how to do that with a webservice? I found several solution but it is not optimal.

    Could you please make a special tutorial about that? ;)

    Thank you very much


  • Hi dear Scott,

    I really appreciate your work and the intelligence behind it, I am always recommending your blog to my colleagues … I have a question though: I've been assigned a project which ought to show the company's organizational chart in silverlight. But as you would know the Silverlight 2 package doesn't come with a TreeView control so I can customize it to start with. So I was wondering if you could possibly guide me through how I could get hold of a TreeView control in a silverlight application. I hear it's possible to use the non-Silverlight controls of WPF in Silverlight but with the price of intensively maximizing the XAP file. I would be very grateful if you could kindly shed some light on this dilemma.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi,

    if you are interested in ASP.NET controls encapsulating server side rendering of XAML/WPF, take a look here:


  • How do I use the webmenu TargetURL tag to route to controller attribute?

    Currently I'm using Infragistics web menu and the menuitem tag uses TargetURL and not sure how to use html.routelink?

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