Visual Studio for Database Professionals and other Cool Data Management Tools for .NET

Earlier today CTP6 of the Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals was made available for free download

VS for Database Professionals has been getting rave reviews, and includes support for database refactorings, schema and data comparisons, database unit testing, and automated data generation.  You can learn more about it on its MSDN dev-center and Community page.  You can also watch a nice Channel9 video with the team here.

Two other data management tools that I've seen posted on recently that look very cool and are worth spending time to check out include:

MassDataHandler - A free CodePlex project that provides a utility library to help automate data generation for unit testing (it can be used within any unit test framework). 

Data Dictionary Creator -- A free tool that helps you document SQL Server databases, and helps you keep your documentation in sync with schema changes.

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  • Did you mean to say CTP-5? The link in your post takes you to a page that when you click the download link takes you to CTP-5 Beta download?


    Bob Porter

  • Awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on this.

    Thanks Scott!

  • Hi Robert,

    CTP 6 is actually the new version that just came out. I just updated the links above to point directly to it. You can learn more about it here from this blog post as well:

    Hope this helps,


  • I have done a lot of digging yet on my question below, but I have not seen any comments about how this new DB edition fits into the Team Suite package. Will this edition be included in the full suite as a plug-in or an upgrade to the Team Suite - or is this being marketed as a totally seperate tool?

  • Hi Kevin,

    The new product is included in the VS Team Suite - so if you have that already you get it for free.

    It will also be available as a separate product for people who don't want to buy the whole suite.

    Hope this helps,


  • I could not create a project using the sql server 2005 wizard. Keep on getting the error:
    sql server does not allow remote connections,
    which is not true.
    The only thing I can think of is I am running Vista RC1

  • Hi John,

    Did you launch VS by right-clicking on it and choosing the "Run as Administrator" option (see details here:

    If you don't do this then you aren't running in an "elevated" mode - which means you probably don't have creation permissions on your database.

    Hope this helps,


  • Do they work with SQL Server 2000

  • Thanks for the link to the Data Dictionary Creator, Scott. I'm on vacation for a week and was trying to figure out what project to work on when I saw you'd linked to DDC. That clinched it. I hope to have a new version ready when I get back on the 25th.

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