VS 2005 Web Application Project V1.0 Release Coming Shortly

May 8th Update: The final release of the VS 2005 Web Application Project is now live.  You can learn more about it here.

The offiical "V1.0" release of the VS 2005 Web Application Project Option is now built and is in "escrow" as we sanity test the final release before publishing it on the web.  Our hope is to publish it on the web for immediate download this coming Monday or Tuesday.  This new build has a bunch of final improvements and bug fixes included within it, including:

  • Team Build Support with VSTS
  • Strongly-typed access to resources defined within the app_globalresources directory
  • Custom Build Tool Action Support
  • Edit and Continue Support (this one was an un-planned feature we snuck in and allows you to dynamically change code during debug sessions)

It also then has a bunch of bug fixes for bugs people reported with last month's release candidate build. 

Only a few more days now...


P.S. As I've mentioned earlier, the VS 2005 Web Application Project option will also be included in VS 2005 SP1 later this year.  We are releasing this supported web download version of it earlier so that you will be able to use it immediately.


  • Scott, any support for Profile?

  • Hi Lynn,

    We are going to ship a Profile builder sample on the web at the same-time. We've looked at a few different techniques for providing strongly-typed profile access in WAP, and weren't comfortable baking it directly in just yet. But the sample we'll ship with the V1.0 release will allow you to generate a strongly-typed profile accessor.

    Hope this helps,


  • Edit & Continue Support? Woo Hoo!!!

    Thanks sooooo much for this Scott!

  • Thanks for the update Scott. When SP1 is released, will Web Application Projects be "built-in" to VS2005 or will it still be implemented as an add-in?

  • Thanks for a release drop pre service pack.

  • Hi scottgu,

    Will this release can installed in the VS2005 of chinese?


  • Scott, is this the edit and continue we currently get in web site projects where we can change the aspx and code behind and then refresh the page to build it? Or does this go deeper to allow developers to change code in the supporting class projects within a solution? If so, is that a VB only feature?


  • Hi Scott,

    Do you know if this will show up in Application Connection Designer (It currently only shows the standard website template)?



  • Hi Rob,

    When VS 2005 SP1 is released it will be "built-in" -- meaning no extra add-in download required.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Jason,

    This edit and continue is the same as with Windows client projects in VS 2005 -- meaning that when you are in a breakpoint you can modify code. This will work with both VB and C#, and should work across projects within a solution.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Elden,

    The build next week unfortunately requires a VS patch that only installs on the VS English edition (note: you can run this VS English edition on a Chinese copy of Windows though).

    We are working on getting the localized patches available, though, and will have them out this summer.

    Sorry for the delay,


  • Hi John,

    VS 2005 Web Application Projects will show up in the Application Designer in the future. The application designer team needs to-do some work to support it still -- but that is definitely something we are planning.

    Hope this helps,


  • Scott,

    Does the Web Application Project supplant Web Deployment Project that provides the build & merge utilities? If not, can you give a brief synopsis of the differences?

    Thanks again for the work you have done on this new project.

  • Thank you and your team Scott for doing this. I have been quietly watching and waiting and am looking forward to downloading the version you guys release next week (hopefully). :-)

  • Scott,

    I really like your team's effort, but I'm disappointed about the way you're dealing with international customers. I (and probably also most people not using the english VS version) would not mind, if some parts of Visual Studio changed into english after installing this patch, but actually installing it is impossible, since the MSP-Package checks for the english version.

    Is there a proper reason for doing this version-check or does the patch really rely on a english VS? Any hints how to remove the version-check from the msp-package? Using Orca (from the platform SDK) always corrupted the installer-files.



  • Hi Kabelsalat,

    We are going to publish a post in the next week that walksthrough how to install the patch on a non-English version of VS (basically you need to install a VS English version on the system, install the patch, and then switch back to your non-English version of VS) as a workaround until we get the non-English patches out.

    Sorry for the delay!


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