Free Atlas Control Toolkit Test Automation Harness Published

If you are reading this, hopefully by now you've checked out both Atlas and the Atlas Control Toolkit

I blogged about the Atlas Control Toolkit a few weeks back.  I think it is exciting because:

  1. It is the start of what is going to be a great control toolkit of 50-100 controls built for Atlas and ASP.NET
  2. All source code for the controls is shipped free with a reusable modification license.  This makes it really easy to learn how to build new Atlas enabled controls
  3. We are using a collaborative, open source model with it and now allow community checkins and code contributions

You can run the Atlas Control Toolkit controls online, and download it here.

The Atlas Control Toolkit project recently moved to the new CodePlex site, which provides a free collaborative environment for building shared projects.  You can visit the Atlas Control Toolkit project page here, and can now always download the most recent source of it from this project page (one nice thing about CodePlex is that it automatically creates a new .zip file containing the latest source of a project anytime someone does a checkin or bug-fix).  You can also file and track issues and bugs here

The Atlas Control Toolkit team is now composed of several Microsoft developers, as well as several non-Microsoft developers from the .NET community.  You can ask questions from the team and find answers on the forums here.

One of the steps the Atlas Control Toolkit team recently took was to migrate their Javascript test framework and harness to a new custom test framework they built (among other things they wanted to make sure it could easily run on developers machines, and didn't require a specific version of VS to be installed).  They recently published it on the Atlas Control Toolkit project site with full-source, and under a flexible permissive re-use license:

Shawn Burke has a nice write-up about it and how you can use it to perform automated testing of Atlas controls on his blog here.  You might find it useful to help unit-test your own Atlas and Ajax code.  Feel free to re-use the code and modify it however you want.

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