Pointers to Great ASP.NET Atlas Content

June 21st Update: Here is a pointer to even more content.

http://atlas.asp.net is the best place to visit to learn more and download the latest Atlas CTP Release (which now supports Go-Live deployments). 

If you haven't had a chance to dive into Atlas yet, you might want to set aside 18 minutes to watch this "How do I" video on the Atlas home-page that walks through how to build a Todo Task List using Atlas from scratch (I type everything in from scratch - including creating the database, building a DAL layer using typed tableadapters, then creating a filtered, sortable, pagable, inline editable task list UI w/ Ajax updates).  It shows off the power of ASP.NET 2.0 and Atlas in building smooth, user-friendly, web experiences -- as well as how easy it is.

I also have an intro to Atlas presentation w/ samples that I posted a few weeks ago here.  This provides a really easy way to master the core concepts of Atlas.

Brad Abrams (who is the GPM for the team that builds ASP.NET and Atlas) recently published his slides+samples from his Atlas talk at the MIX06 conference, including his cool interactive Atlas Dice application. 

You can download Brad's presentation + samples here.

Nikhil (who is a key Atlas architect) also just posted the slides+demos from his MIX talk.  He built a cool online music library ("musicMix") that integrates RSS feeds from iTunes, SOAP services with MSN Search, REST services from Amazon, and the new Live Clipboard concept to share information across applications.  It is a really awesome sample. 

You can download Nikhil's talk + sample here.

Bertrand (who is a key Atlas dev) just posted a cool post about the accordian control he built to help Brad's Dice demo above.  You can read about it and download it here.

Jonathan Hawkins (who is a key PM on the Atlas team) recently posted a great tutorial on building a map-mashup using Atlas. 

You can read and download the code here.

Shanku Niyogi (who runs the ASP.NET and Atlas teams) has just posted a cool sample showing how to use Atlas with PHP.  You can read about it and download it here.

Scott Issacs (who is a Windows Live Architect) just posted his slides from MIX where he shared his "Lessons from the Trenches" talk where he talked about the real world Ajax developer experiences and lessons learned from building Live.com.  You can read and download it here.

Hopefully lots of fun stuff to check out and enjoy!


P.S. Shanku is going to post his Atlas slides+demos shortly.  He will include a sample that shows how to use Atlas against a PHP backend -- which the MIX crowd really loved.


  • Hi Kulin,

    Good news - I have teamed up with Scott Mitchell and he is going to write the series I had planned (37 different data tutorials on ASP.NET 2.0 and the ObjectDataSource). I'll post more details about them later this week.


    - Scott

  • Gee, I don't know if I really got 18 MONTHS to watch a "How do I" video... :-)

  • Doh -- I meant 18 minutes, not months. :-) Serves me right for blogging at 2am!

  • Hi Scott,

    I am interested in knowing when this tutorial will be available on the site. If possible let me know when it will be released or if I need to check the BLOGs I will watch out for it. Thanks.



  • Scott - Is there any chance you can make the app from your 18-minute to-do list demo downloadable? I especially would like to see the stylesheet that was used for the GridView. I really want to use css for the GridView, but I haven't seen a full sample that I could follow and adapt for my GridView uses.

    That was a fantastic walk-through. I watched it with a Rails advocate, and he was very impressed with how quickly the whole app could be created, and without throwaway code.



  • Hi Scott!

    Your videos as always inspires developers to dive in more into ASP.NET 2.0 and Atlas. Can you post the code samples in the "How do I" video in the Atlas homepage? Thanks =)

  • I am planning on cleaning up and then posting my CSS stylesheet and the completed sample soon (I hacked the CSS up quick and dirty -- so want to spend an hour "making it pretty" first so that I don't embarass myself <g>).



  • WOW, It is quiet Nice.I realy realy love it

  • How to question:

    Is it possible to bind to a listview using a objectdatasource ?

    If so, are there any samples of this?

    I see mostly using web services from asmx pages directly in the web project.

    However, all my logic is in a separate business object and I use objectdatasources to retrieve that data.


  • Hey Scott,

    GREAT! tuts and help u r given us all. Thanks very much.

    Just a quick question which no one yet has answered properly.

    1. What happens to our Atlas app when users turn off javascripting ofr security reasons?

    2. Will atlas support polling or a push technology?

  • Hi Scott,

    Sorry I am so late, but I finally had the time to take a look at your blog, and wanted to congratulate you for the great demo at MIX06.

    We've been working on a web application for the last 2.5 years. (I work at Siemens Buildeing Technologies). The web app is a management station handling alarms, logs, trends, and graphical views of the plants and rooms (using SVG and JavaScript). We make intensive use of web services and had many problems with the HTC component. So many problems (mostly memory leaks and instabilities) that I had to rewrite and simplify the whole damn thing in JavaScript. After the rewriting, we manage to let IE6 run many days, even weeks without the memory problems, quite proud about that.

    That said, I am thrilled by Atlas. The demo you made would have taken me a few hours at least, and you did that in 5 minutes. That was breathtaking.

    To Shane and his concern about JavaScript being turned off: We didn't find it as big an issue as Java. Some of our customers systematically refuse to install Java, but JavaScript is OK. That said, if JavaScript gets turned off, you can say good bye to web services...



  • Any ideas when the code from the 18 minute video will be out?

  • Yeah I looked for the code from the 18 minute video and didn't find it yet... did you post it? if not could you at least post the image and CSS files so that those who followed the demo can at least use what you did? thanks!

  • Any news on the images and css file you use in this "How do I" video "Scott's Todo List"? I am madly trying to follow along and would also be interested in seeing what you did there.


  • Hi Pieter,

    If you want to send me email directly (scottgu@microsoft.com) I can send you the stylesheet.

    Hope this helps,


  • Scott, you awesome! You're MAKING my career. I made an executive dashboard and atlas enabled it now everythign things im a genious, even the asp.net developers.

    Thanks so much and please keep posting more screen casts. Yours are the best because you go at a quick pace, if I miss something i just rewind it. I hate when the other guys go slow; i dont have time for that ;).

  • Thanks for the video... very easy to follow!

  • Any chance to get the code from the 18 minute video and didn't find it yet...

  • Hi Cesare,

    If you send me email I'd be happy to send it to you.



  • I am using Atlas for button and on button click I want to open menu. But problem is that stylesheet is not working on menu and give me javasript error.

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