Adding Blogging Support to Apps with My.Blogs and Visual Basic 2005

I just saw a pointer to a MSDN TV show you can check out on a new set of features (called My.Blogs) you can download for VB that makes it really easy to add blogging support to both ASP.NET 2.0 and Windows Forms application.  You can watch it here and you can download the My.Blogs library here.

Once installed you can write code like this to databind a feed to a GridView control:

Dim MyFeed As MyBlogs.Feed MyFeed = My.Blogs.Read(

GridView1.DataSource = MyFeed.Entries


Dmitry has also been working on some RSS libraries in his spare time.  These work with both C# and VB and will add some pretty cool features (including cache integration of RSS feeds, an RSS Datasource control for databinding, etc).  I'll send a pointer to them once he publishes them -- they should be very cool to use.

Hope this helps,




  • Scott,

    your blog has become a great learning site.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Very useful and timely info. I have started to spec out a personal "river of news" project for reading feeds. So far, I was inclined to use RSS Bandit's [.NET v1.1] feed engine but this provides a good .NET v2 option.

    And Adrian Godong has already done something about reading OPMLs.'


  • Hi Mario,

    I believe it could be because the classes only support RSS (and not ATOM) feeds. However, you should be able to subscribe to the blog above with this url:

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi,

    Neither works.

    If you use the my.blogs dll from Microsoft, it works but the date and the description are bad.

    Help, pleaaaase

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