Tons of MSDN Content on the new ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Model

This will all be linked heavily on MSDN starting tomorrow, but I got the ok to forward the already-live links tonight. :-)

In addition to 120+ pages of good word-content, almost all of the below sections also provide working C# sample implementations of the various provider types (usually going against an XML or text file for persistance). 

  • Introduction to the Provider Model
  • Membership Providers
  • Role Providers
  • Site Map Providers
  • Session State Providers
  • Profile Providers
  • Web Event Providers
  • Web Parts Personalization Providers
  • Custom Provider-Based Services
  • Hands-on Custom Providers: The Contoso Times
  • One of the things that has been nice to see on the ASP.NET 2.0 forums has been how developers using ASP.NET 2.0 have really-taken to the whole concept of providers, and are evangalizing the model of building custom ones for advanced scenarios.  I'm hoping that we'll shortly start to see the next wave of this soon -- where we'll see both commercial and open-source implementations start to appear of custom providers that others outside Microsoft build.

    The beauty of the provider model is that all of the higher-level features in ASP.NET 2.0 that build on top of them (Login Controls, WebParts, Treeview/Menu, Compilation, Profiles, Admin Tools, Heath Monitoring, Roles, etc, etc) will just work with these new custom implementations -- which should hopefully blend the best of productivity with advanced customization.



    • Dear Sir,

      I appreciate your idea with a detailed information offered with this article. But i am sorry to say that, i have no found a single page with the code explanation in VB.NET. As stated above i believed, i will find the code in both the ways, i mean C# and VB. But please provide a link to get the code in VB also.

      It will be useless for us, if we do not know c# in depth.


    • Hi Parag,

      Unfortunately I don't have an ETA yet for when it will be updated to include VB as well.

      Sorry about that,


    • Hi Scott,

      Why is the Profile stuff so nicely and easily extensible in the web.config, but the membership provider is not..... it would be SO NICE if I could just extend the basic MembershipUser class by a few custom fields of my own, by specifying those in the web.config file........

      It's a real pitty that the extensibility of the Profile provider model is not applied elsewhere.....

      Marc (mscheuner -at-

    • Hi Scott,
      is there around a Profile Provider sample that uses a web services?

    • Hi Francesco,

      Unfortunately I don't know of a sample for how to build a profile provider using web-services. I do have an example of how to-do this for the Membership provider, though, which might help. If you want to send me email directly I can send this sample to you as an attachment.

      Hope this helps,


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