ASP.NET Cross Page Postback to Different Applications Now Implemented

Paul raised some concerns ( about the inability to use the new ASP.NET Whidbey cross page postback functionality to pages that live on other servers and other applications.  The good news is that it will work in the beta thanks to Ting's checkin yesterday.

Below is his checkin mail from yesterday:

Sent: Fri 11/14/2003 12:49 AM
To: Ting-Hao Yang;
Subject: FX Checkin (aspnet) by timmcb, tinghaoy [671350-671674]

FX Checkins 671350 to 671674

safesync_aspnet: 671674, updated at Fri Nov 14 00:49:46 2003
Buddy Builder: tinghaoy
Contributors: timmcb, tinghaoy


      Change 671537 by
      on 2003/11/13 20:28:53

25931 DCR: Enable cross page posting to different applications
25518 Provide no-cast required access to master associated to a
content page

        Change 671541 by
        on 2003/11/13 20:33:33

    23161 Accessibility: Wizard Control
    23148 Accessibility: SiteMapPath

          Change 671542 by
          on 2003/11/13 20:33:33

      16135 DCR : Add roles property to SiteMapNode
      16138 Suggestion:  Need a property on SiteMapDataSource like
      StartingDepth that is not sensitive to the context node
      25422 Dynamically Expand a Site Map without having to write a custom

            Change 671543 by
            on 2003/11/13 20:33:33

        FxCop update

              Change 671588 by
              on 2003/11/13 21:14:29

          201601 Cross Page posting between apps is not working
          201528 CryptographicException is thrown when cross posting between
          apps doen

                Change 671589 by
                on 2003/11/13 21:17:08

            Fix CBM related issues


            • Cool. I'm sure there are many many ASP.NET developers that will be happy, at least judging on the basis of the number that I see looking for a solution. :)

            • Hi Scott, you forgot to remove the links to your bug tracker, and hey it's still running on asp?

            • This is excellent news, Scott. Thanks to everyone for being so responsive (and to Paul for pointing out this important issue)!

            • Whiw, I am amazed- Scott, you are posting change logs in your weblog? Change log right from the dev team?

              GREAT. You guys are taking openness futer and further- gratulations. I remember sitting in a round table discussion with Steve Ballmer earlie this year in Berlin talking about open source development, and how transparent and fast responsive these (as well as the smaller companies are), and it really rocks to see how MS opens up.

              Besides, naturally, that this is agreat step forward in handling one of the very limiting issues with application posting.

            • Definitely a welcome step - this will probably allow us to fully migrate to .Net, rather than have an ugly ASP.Net/ASP hybrid.

              Now when can we have decent support for CSS layout in the .Net Studio (ducks for cover)

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