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Will Ward Cunningham FIT with Microsoft

Everybody noticed that Ward Cunningham has been bought (oops, not being very politically correct here) by Microsoft. Did you notice also that, although Microsoft is integrating a lot of active tools and concepts in its own toolbox (MDA, UML, Ant with MsBuild, XUL with XAML, weblogs, refactoring, object-relational mapping, etc.), nothing has been announced regarding testing and Test-Driven Development. Or did I miss anything?

Well Ward Cunningham joining Microsoft could change that. Ward may bring Wikis and XP with him, but we should also remember that he is also the creator of the FIT Framework (Framework for Integrated Test). BTW, a release of this framework exists for .NET and C#...

PS: I somewhat lied to you. Microsoft already talks about testing: Testing Software Patterns.

Note: Ward Cunningham already worked and will continue working with Microsoft's Patterns team.

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