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URL rewriting breaks ASP.NET 2's themes

If you try to use URL rewriting and ASP.NET 2 themes at the same time, you will likely get broken pages, because the two don't mix very well.
A typical link to a theme's stylesheet looks like this in the generated HTML:
<link href="App_Themes/Theme1/StyleSheet.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
The problem is that these links to CSS documents are using relative paths, which is not going to work fine if you use RewritePath on your web requests.

Update: as Scott and Wilco wrote in comments, a much simpler solution is to use the new overload of the RewritePath method that takes one additional parameter named "rebaseClientPath".

Thomas Bandt has a solution, described in German (the source is available), that relies on response filters.
Here is another solution I use. It consists on overriding the Render method in a base page or in a master page:

protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter writer)
  foreach (Control control in Page.Header.Controls)
    HtmlLink  link;

    link = control as HtmlLink;
    if ((link != null) && link.Href.StartsWith("~/"))
      if (Request.ApplicationPath == "/")
        link.Href = link.Href.Substring(1);
        link.Href = Request.ApplicationPath+"/"+link.Href.Substring("~/".Length);


  • Fabrice,

    I remember a similar issue on a project using one of the early 2.0 builds.

    There is a new overload for ReWritePath which seemed to fix my issue. I will have to dig through some old notes to remember what it was, but it may be worth a shot.

    I remember my change was to set the second paramter of HttpContext.RewritePath (String, Boolean) to false.


  • Great! That's much better.

    It would have been surprising if the ASP.NET team did not provide a solution for this.

  • Hey guys,

    I added the line to the code:

    app.Context.RewritePath(destinationUrl, false);

    but the themes still does not load :(

    Any help?

  • Actually my mistake, it does load with one exception

    if you add an ending "/" to the url, it will break the theme.

    For example, will work
    but will load the correct page, but the themes are missing. The path to the CSS file is missing an extra "../" to find the correct location

    Any ideas?

  • Tim, I had the same problem. What I do to resolve this is to do a (permanent) redirection to URLs without the ending "/".
    Here is the regular expression I use: ^(.*)/(\?.*)?$
    I redirect to: $1$2
    You can notice that this expression also supports URLs with parameters.

  • Hi Fabrice,
    i have a similar problem, though i am not using rediredtion.
    i am trying to override a page's render method and send the html string via email.
    though, i have easily succeeded in getting the html sting like this:

    Dim aStringBuilder As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder
    Dim strWriter As IO.StringWriter = New IO.StringWriter(aStringBuilder)
    Dim aHtmlTextWriter As HtmlTextWriter = New HtmlTextWriter(strWriter)
    Dim st As String = aStringBuilder.ToString

    SendMail is my own mailing function. the problem is that the rendered HTML disregards the theme i have set for this page. any ideas? i'm really scouring the net on this one. thanks.

  • Cheers, solved my problem, great work.

  • Where does the HttpContext.RewritePath line go? How does it know to only modify the them path, or does it modify all paths?

  • hi, i had problem with images in web controls with skinid. I solved it with this simple redirection int application_beginreguest :

    Dim appt = "App_Themes"
    If url.Contains(appt) And Not url.StartsWith("/" & appt) Then
    Response.Redirect("/" & url.Substring(url.IndexOf(appt)))
    End If

  • hi , i had problem with loading image & .js files after changing the url. plz anybody can help me if u come across this problem.

  • Many many thanks, this working like charm. i stucked with this problem. you are my hero............. thanks again.

  • Solved my problem using Page.ResolveUrl("~/someurl") for the relative path in the master page.

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