Documentation Writer Positions Open on ASP.NET

The ASP.NET User Education team is looking for some new writers and asked me to post about them on my blog.  Candidates should have:

HTML and XML knowledge.

Hands-on ASP.NET development experience.

Writing experience, preferably writing for software or development audiences.

Programming skills in VB.NET and C#. Reasonably strong in one, passable in the other.

General knowledge of OOP concepts.

Familiarity with database access using ADO.NET. If you also know how to work with other storage (XML, text files) using appropriate .NET namespaces, great.

Web security knowledge. If you have practical knowledge of/experience with Web security, that's excellent.

What you'd do in this job:

Write API reference docs for ASP.NET classes and members.

Write conceptual overviews, how-to topics, troubleshooting topics, whitepapers, other narrative topics.

Go to meetings, read specs, play with the product, find experts to answer your questions.

Own your feature areas -- you'd be the doc expert for you’re the features you’re writing about. You'd go to the feature meetings, talk to the PMs and Dev and Test as required, spec the docs for that area, write them, create any required sample code, push topics through edit and tech review, test them in builds, etc. 

Respond to customer bug reports.

Participate in general doc-design efforts.

The link to the job posting on the Microsoft career Web site is:

Interested parties can either submit their resumes directly on the career site, or contact either Megan Zalkan ( or Chuck Bigham (


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