Uploaded Asp Classic Compiler Build

I just uploaded ASP Classic Compiler Build to http://www.codeplex.com/aspclassiccompiler.

In this release, I have:

  1. Setup the infrastructure to map from generated code back to the source code so that we can report the location accurately in asp files. With that, I will be able to provide debugging experience using either Visual Studio or another CLR debugger fairly soon.
  2. If a file has multiple syntax errors, chances are that we are able to report all the errors at once. In contrast, Asp Classic only reports one error at a time. That is because our parser attempts to recover from the error and continue parsing the file. This is also essential for intellisence support in VS integration that will come in the near future.

The next build will be in two weeks as I am preparing for my presentations at the LA Code Camp right after PDC. I have blocked two sessions to discuss the C# dynamic feature and the Dynamic Language Runtime. My first talk will be mainly on the C# dynamic feature and the second talk will be mainly on the Dynamic Language Runtime. Here are the abstract of the sessions:

http://www.socalcodecamp.com/session.aspx?sid=ecbdbbc5-844b-4024-9012-b6ad8827546d and http://www.socalcodecamp.com/session.aspx?sid=7af7eb5a-913d-46fb-a3f8-144fdc77ed3c

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