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  • When will the next version of ASP Classic Compiler be released?

    I am not released a new version for a while. I received a few inquires regarding the next release. The answer is a few weeks to a few months.

    The first reason is that I have a fulltime job working for a software development company as an ASP.NET developer. We are in a very busy phase in the past couple of months. On top of that, my kids have several major math competitions coming up and I had to spend sometime to help them. So I have less time and that breaks my momentum.

    The second reason is that I am actually planning a moderate rewrite. My original plan was to implement the features up to VBScript 4.0 in the first version. However, I got feedback from users that they have to have Eval/Execute feature in VBScript 5.0. That would requires me to lift stack variables to heap so that they can be consumed by Eval/Execute. I found that I have to implement the variable lifting myself to handle the language semantics accurately, just like Iron Python and Iron Ruby teams have done. So I am in fact taking over the memory management from DLR. I will have a much more flexible architecture, be able to do the runtime debugging and be able to optimize the code with many techniques. As this is the second iteration, I want to do things much better. I have been doing lots of theoretical studies and benchmark works lately. I think I will be able to put together a much better product when I get my next break.