TechEd Eilat – DI & IoC using MEF and Unity

After the last happiest lecture I had to go for the last session at teched and give a short for another technical session and I choose the DI & IoC using MEF and Unity lecture by Pavel Y. The hall was pretty full for a lecture which is one of the last sessions at teched… does it mean that finally people understand or want to understand the power of DI & IoC ? well its about time…

I’ve been working with developers for more than a decade and it amazes me time after time that people afraid from using DI containers… well Pavel gave a great overview full of code samples of how to use MEF and Unity.

As usual, Pavel is very clear with his explanations and his demos demonstrated various aspects of these frameworks mentioning the benefits and limitations of each …now I know what he was doing al night long instead of coming to see Meshina Smile

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