IASA Israeli Chapter 2nd Meeting (Tomorrow)


IASA Israeli chapter 2nd meeting will take place tomorrow and this time it will be based on community-led discussions around Architecturally significant topics.

Q: What does "community-led discussions" mean ?
A: Any participant will be able to propose any topic she finds interesting from a software architecture perspective. Other participants who find the topic interesting will join the discussion in a dedicated meeting room. 

Q: I want to propose a discussion topic. What do I need to do ?

A: either proposed it using in the Linkedin discussion, or propose it spontaneously during the introductory part of the meeting where we will gather divide to topics to time slots.

Q: I do not want to propose a topic. Just to join a discussion. Can I ?

A: Yes, of course. We will not force you to propose a topic (J) and you are very welcome to join any discussion topic you find interesting.

Q: If I choose a topic and later change my mind and want to move to another discussion, can I ?

A: Yes, If you choose to enter a discussion and after some time you find it less in your interest you are welcome to move on to another discussion - no hard feelings

Q: Are there any examples of such architecturally significant topics you intend to propose ?

A: Yes. Here are some samples:

SOA Patterns
Architecture Styles and Patterns
Architecture performance plan
Cross platform development
RIA vs. Web vs. Desktop
Object Oriented Design Evaluation and Measurement
Architectural Patterns and Anti Patterns
High scalability challenges and new technologies
Software Reuse in Practice
[ Your own subject here ]

You are welcome to come and attend the event. (Free of charge)

Date: Thursday, July 08, 2010 from 5:00 PM - 7:45 PM (GMT+0200)
HP Raanana
Dafna 9
Raanana ISRAEL

For more information click here: IASA Israeli Chapter - 2nd Meeting

IASA Israeli Chapter Management Team.
Danny Cohen, Hayim Makabee, Michael Kalika, Ohad Israeli.

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