Cloudoscope - The first Cloud Cost Profiler

You are thinking about getting into “the cloud”… you maybe already started developing for the cloud (Amazon/Azure…) but how much will it really cost you when you’ll go out for production ? How much will it cost you on the dev/test environments ? can you evaluate the real cost of each of the lines that you write ?

Who will check if the dev team wrote an optimized code ? optimize code that can dramatically lower your hosting costs !

The answers to these questions and more is a new tool that had beed developed by codevalue and had been exposed at TechEd Israel. The tool is called Cloudoscope and it is the first tool in a line of tools that will fall under the category of a Cost Driver Architecture tools. We will soon see more and more companies who design their products tacking the cost under perspective, currently at most of the proof of concepts that I’ve seen which are using cloud technologies no one really take it under consideration. How you write your code might have large implication at the total cost of ownership and If you can optimize your code as you write it you can save large amount of $$$ on development, testing & production environments !

Here are some of the features of Cloudoscope:

• Cut total cost of ownership and save money
• Show the cost of each function and relevant line of code
• Show the cost of business requests
• Show cost improvement or degradation after a code change
• Provide optimization advices
• Provide guidance to Cost Oriented Development™
• Help trading service quality Vs. cost
• Provide a framework for developing Cost Oriented Unit Tests™
• Cost oriented cloud computing standard approval

Really promising tool worth looking at for any company who consider developing for the cloud ! 

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