LINQ via C# Events Posters Design

10 LINQ via C# events have been held successfully. Each event is a pure English speaking technical talk. I designed some posters for the events, with no enough time to design for each event.

LINQ via C# part 4


In part 3, lambda expression of C# is introduced, in which audiences are very interested. So according to the feedback, in part 4 lambda calculus is introduced in detail. On the poster there are a big lambda symbol and the classic lambda expression - Y combinator.

LINQ via C# part 5


In part 4 people are attracted by lambda calculus. So in part 5 it is extended, and a little functional C# is introduced as well.

This is based on a photo. The flower was shot in Chengdu by my brother. On this poster, just the seeds are changed into a λ symbol, which also looks like a Y.

LINQ via C# part 7


This is copycat. I was very busy during that time, so I just picked up a wallpaper for Windows 7 in my computer, and changed the logo and text into LINQ stuff.

LINQ via C# part 9 and part 10


I believe this one should be fancy enough, though it is nothing.

All posters are designed by Fireworks. It is much lighter than Photoshop.


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