The .Net Micro Framework Event in Dallas

This is a mention of the event that came and went last weekend for the .Net Micro Framework here in Dallas at the Improving Enterprises offices.  Shawn Weisfeld worked on the event for the last 6 months.  Shawn pushed the moderately priced package from FEZ that proved to be an excellent product.  We all met last Saturday and went through some exercises to understand how to develop most of the basic tasks to interact with the plug and play hardware.  When the day was over, we all had a great understanding of how to create .Net application with Visual Studio 2010 and deploy to this device.  It's so much easier than the Windows CE deployments. 

All this to say that if anyone has a project that needs low-power consumption hardware integration, the FEZ boards are a great solution with C# and Visual Studio.  I think one of the coolest things on the board is not the ethernet, infrared, or color touch screen but the serial port integration.  There are still so many integrations needed for existing serial port devices.  Just plug this in and with .Net get you the rest of the way to a solid solution.

 The Products

Then there's an ebook with suggested projects for our cool new geek toy.

Now I'm off off build something great with C# of course.