This is Vince Blasberg's Blog (that's me).  I enjoy blogging for the sake of sharing, not just hearing myself type.  It is also a place for me to see what I've done over the years.  If I don't have something good to say then I'm probably busy.

The Bad

What I don't spend binary time on are those things that everyone else just blogged about.  I know it's exciting stuff but gee-wiz - if people don't know that the latest Windows version is releasing or C# has some new obscure compiler feature added, then they probably aren't reading this blog either.  I also don't care to blast out all of the work that my current contract or employer is paying me to design or develop.  If I were at Microsoft blogging about technology that was to be publicized, SURE I'd be blogging about it!!!!  These things make consistent blogging a challenge.

The Good

What I do spend blogging time on are the pragmatic things that matter.  If we are having a great meeting at one of the many Dallas User Groups and SIG or a serious training event in Dallas, then I'll let the world know.  By the way, if you are in Dallas on one of those nights, skip the burger joint and hotel bar and drop by the Microsoft Offices for a geek meet.

The Great

I'm jazzed about all of the Microsoft technologies, as long as I'm not competing.  The Microsoft teams really get it right on Version 2 almost every time (Except MS CRM), and most of the time I'm a big proponent of the technology.  My personal favorite is the CLR, TFS, and anything web development related.  XAML is one of the greatest software engines that was ever created, but now takes a back seat to modern frameworks like Angular and Bootstrap. These are all great technologies that deserves blogging.

Thanks for reading this blog.
Vince Blasberg