Good Times on the New Contract

Just a note to the blog to say that my current contract has been going well.  I'm working on contract direct from with own company, FreshMetrics, LLC.  I get to have lunch with Rob Vetter (C# MVP) from next door.  We get to catch up on user group stuff more often now.  The work is great and the team is very serious about the art of software.  It's much more silo'd and quiet than what I'm used to, but that can be a good thing.  I've been heads down with systems analysis, user interviews, and plenty of documentation before building the final application.  It's refreshing to actually have the license to discover instead of hack and go, then wonder when unit tests come into the picture if at all.  I've been pushing myself to do things right with analysis, peer review, and now I'm almost done with unit testing.  Yes - true TDD.  It's been hard not hitting the WPF and WCF services first, but the application is much better already.

The users of this application are asking for features that are easily created in a WPF - click once application.  So I finally started the DallasXAML User Group this week and it's helped at work so far for the WPF portion and the work has helped with the Silverlight User Group site that I created and deployed.  But that's the next blog entry...


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