Dallas GiveCamp 2011

Dallas GiveCamp came and went this last weekend.  It was my second GiveCamp and was very rewarding.  Our team created a site for the Tarrant County Birth Network.  Jon and I quickly explained the resulting web site and sat down, but I forgot to present and thank the team.  So this is a very weak attempt to thank them after the event.

Thanks to the Dallas GiveCamp team for a fun weekend.

  • Jonathan Keith - Developer
  • Nick Coombs - Developer
  • Rick Michaels – Developer
  • Sridhar – Very helpful floating developer
  • Shannon Blackwell - The very active charity representative
  • Jaime Grassi - Business Analyst
  • Vince Blasberg (myself) – Developer

The GiveCamp weekend was very unusual, thankfully.  There were many challenges from the first moment until the last.  In the end we at least accomplished one big thing.  We enabled the charity with a CMS that will grow as their needs grow.  They now have a huge network of .Net developers around the world that can easily develop and support them.  When they switch over to the new site, there is no doubt the requirements document will grow and there will be developers like our team to help them.

What is the Tarrant County Birth Network?
The Tarrant County Birth Network is a community organization to provide information about, and advocacy for evidence-based, Mother-Friendly care for expectant Tarrant County families seeking a healthy, informed, and enjoyable pregnancy and birth.

What is GiveCamp
GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations.

I hope to see everyone there next year.