Any VSTO Samples for HTTP _AssemblyLocation0 ??

I really like the feature of Word or Excel looking at _AssemblyName0 and _AssemblyLocation0.


Where's a VSTO sample or walkthrough on Word documents using managed assemblies from an HTTP location?


Sure, MSWord finds the assembly, but it still can't resolve security errors: 


"The current .Net security policy does not permit SomeDoc.doc to load custom macros."


I've combed the web for hours but still haven't found the hidden text to make it work.  I've edited every policy and zone but it still won't work unless it's Intranet or Local. 


Can't it just be simple?  Of all of the VSTO samples, how about one that has a DOC, and assembly, the steps to authorize the download location from an

HTTP, and just work if the user edits the security policy just as the documentation says.


My two newsgroup requests received no love.  I see many areas where an internet deployment is really great.


Any pointers or code snippet would be appreciated.





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