Windows Live Writer Configuration for blog account

I have been trying to configure my blogs on windows live writer but unfortunately did not found any documentation on it. So,Thought to put some steps to make it easy...

Here we go..

- Download Windows Live Writer blogs  tools (WYSIWYG - What See Is What You Get )
- Open Windows Live Writer and browse to Weblog ---> Add WebLog Account


Select another weblog service and click next

You will get the following screen


Type on Weblog Homepage URL with your userID / password and you should get the following screen.


Choose "Community Server" on Type of Weblog that you are using and http://weblogs.aspnet/metablog.ashx on remote posting URL for your weblog and click next

After this,You should be able to post blog from Windows Live Writer as i posting this one.

Hope this helps.

Suresh Behera

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