About Suresh Behera

Suresh Behera has more than 10 years of leadership experience building global brands and guiding top-tier companies. An accomplished corporate strategist and marketer, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven notable enterprise growth in the retail, finance, and information technology sectors. His achievements have been featured in various business media in India.

                Offering a rare blend of creative and Architectural strengths, Suresh has achieved Global and Asia’s Microsoft Most Valuable professional during the period of 2002 to 2005 and is recognized for his success in Troubleshooting and Consulting Microsoft .Net Technologies. His strategic approach to building a software application is reflected in his work as Technical Lead of Wipro.com and as Manager of BDOTNET, where his effort, community creation and focus on product-line mix quickly delivered impressive bottom-line results. His turnaround capability is highlighted by his accomplishments as Microsoft .Net Junkies & Evangelist of the GMSBU Group, where he led a distressed company to record profitability through brand revitalization that included major shifts in technologies strategy, operations, product design, Implementation, Architecture Design, communications, and point-of-sale merchandising.


               Suresh also had significant impact on profitability and growth at Microsoft, and GMSBU’s, a division of Wipro, Inc., where he held Technical Lead positions. 


               Suresh Behera's exceptional track record of business improvement is based on his philosophy of total enterprise engagement in change. He is known for his ability to quickly identify and diagnose enterprise solution and growth impediments that go far beyond Traditional Application development, working with companies to refine their requirement, organizational structure, product lines and sourcing.


               Suresh received his Engineering degree from the Utkal University of Orissa, India. He also holds Early Achiever of Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for .Net, charted member of Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD.Net) , Most Valuable Professional for .net during 2002 to 2005 and Green belt  for  Six Sigma Methodology.  


               Suresh has more passionate towards building various communities on his interest area and enjoy the growth. He is more known for his technical ability(The MSDN Man) rather as a good human being. He has been participating on variuos activity and following are few of them.


Emergency Rescue Team (ERT)
              ERT is an internal team of employees designed to respond to emergencies. All volunteers are trained in fire safety, first aid and evacuation drill.
For more information
URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Response_Team


GMSBU Microsoft .Net Evangelist
Suresh was participating a groups of people who help and troubleshoot various technical problem from project to project. This involve host bi-monthly technical forum inside the company. He help to make initial setup and execution of the project based.





Bangalore .Net User Group

Bangalore .NET User Group is about helping you understand the .NET framework, show how it will make you more productive and transition your development processes to the same, amongst other things.


                         Detailed technical insights are presented by Microsoft RDs, .NET MVPs in the technical sessions conducted periodically. So, if you are a novice, or an intermediate or an advanced developer, transitioning or already working on .NET, B.NET is the place to be to quench your .NET thirst.!



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Although MUGH started life as DNUG (.NET Users' Group), Hyderabad, we felt that various Microsoft technologies function so well in concert with each other - and our earlier name did restrict our scope to just one of them. Today we have special groups branched into various fields under MUGH, namely dnug (a dot net user group) , it pro (a user group for it community), sqlcon ( India's first sql community ) , a students group , and supports various other user groups from different Regions




Sustainable Economic and Educational Development Society (SEEDS)
              it promotes sustainable advancement of the people, focusing primarily in the state of Orissa, India. The SEEDS began as a registered student organization at the University of Texas at Austin, and is now incorporated in the state of Oregon, USA.
             SEEDS philosophy is rooted in our wish to promote educational and economic progress and development for the common folks particularly in Orissa, but in the developing world in general.
              His most of the role is to evaluate and implementing the following area.

Enabling Mass Computing
              Enabling Mass Computing is Linux terminal server project suited for a village/small-town setting or in a school classroom. This dominate Lower client maintenance costs, Reduced hardware costs by either using older hardware as clients or by buying cheaper terminals instead of full PCs, Centralized administration of all clients and Drastically reduced overall administrative costs.


For more information
URL: http://myseeds.home.comcast.net/projects/Terminal_computing.htm


Rural Mathematics Talent Search Examination (RMTS):
          The Rural Mathematics Talent Search Examination is meant to identify and support promising youngsters in rural areas of Orissa. What is judged is not the 6th-graders’ ability to solve the problem but how they approach the problem, the process and logic, not the ultimate answer being right or wrong.
For more information

URL: http://myseeds.home.comcast.net/projects/ruralmathtalent.htm


Charlotte Bhakti Yoga Club:
The center involves individuals from all walks of life, age groups, with various interests, vocations, cultures and religious affiliations. It is a universal gathering of sincere spiritualists dedicated to personal spiritual growth, soulful evolution, and the development of Divine love. Suresh involves to organizing and promote the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISCON).

URL: http://www.yogaforlifedilworth.com/chanting2.html and http://iskcon.krishna.org/