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  • Security at Home

    If you’ve got friends or family who are the non-geek types, and need help with security, this might save you a few of those “how do I…?” phone calls…

  • Security...not just a Microsoft problem

    As evidenced by a Linux kernel flaw that resulted in a DoS attack against Akamai, effectively denying access to large sites like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Not gloating here, just observing that this demonstrates that all operating systems can be vulnerable to security issues. This also suggests that the “more eyes = more secure” assertion made by open source advocates is perhaps a little overstated. After all, the Linux kernel is probably one of the most read parts of the Linux codebase. If it’s possible to find a flaw in the kernel, what does that say for other parts of the codebase that are not as thouroughly vetted? Again, this is not about trashing Linux, it’s about being clear that security is an issue for everyone, it’s not just a Microsoft problem.

  • Hawaii photos

    For those of you who might be interested, you may have noticed that on the schedule for my recent MSDN Security Briefing tour, was a stop in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had a great time there, as you might expect, though I did manage to get pretty badly sunburned (that’s what happens when you spend two hours in a futile attempt to teach yourself how to surf, without using any sunscreen). Here’s a couple of photos from the trip:

  • Security Tour Complete

    The MSDN Security Briefings tour I was on is complete, as of this week. My sincere thanks to everyone who came out to listen and learn. I especially appreciate all the kind comments I received.

  • Memorial Day

    This weekend, my thoughts and prayers are with those serving their country, and with those who have served in past conflicts. May those currently in harm’s way come home safely to their families and friends, and may we always honor and remember those whose sacrifices make freedom a reality, not just a nice idea.