Recent SharePoint 2010 Books [CanCon]

Here in Canada, and particularly in south Ontario we're lucky to have an exceptionally strong SharePoint community. With the publication this month of Ruven Gotz's Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture I count at least 6 books that were either written by, or contain contributions by our local SharePoint MVPs. Bookmark this post or watch my tweets for updates as I post reviews and add other local titles.


Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture by Ruven Gotz
Not yet reviewed.

Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture


Professional SharePoint 2010 Development 2nd Ed., co-authored by by Reza Alirezaei, co-technical editor Eli Robillard
I'm a biased reviewer of this volume having contributed to the 2007 version and provided technical editing for several chapters of this release. That said, this is a great developer reference written by the experts who know these topics best. I wasn't aware of who the authors were during the editing process, and with each chapter I wondered, "was this written by the product team?" Seriously good insights, highly recommended.

Professional SharePoint 2010 Development


SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Architect's Cookbook co-authored by Reza Alirezaei
Not yet reviewed.

Book Cover


Real World SharePoint 2010, co-authored by Reza Alirezaei
This is a terrific collection of chapters by 22 SharePoint MVPs; basically 22 experts writing about the subject areas they live and breathe daily.

Real World SharePoint 2010


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development Cookbook by Ed Musters
This book is like a self-paced introductory class in SharePoint 2010 development led step-by-step by an experienced, thoughtful, well-spoken instructor, which is exactly who Ed is. Every topic Ed covers is treated in terrific detail, and that said, my only caveat would be to check the table of contents to be sure that the topics you are interested in are covered. This is a focused, hands-on introduction to standard skills - building a development machine, columns and content types, event receivers, web parts, packaging, basic workflow, basic branding, the client object model and more. And once you absorb this one you will be ready for more advanced material.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development Cookbook


Expert SharePoint 2010 Practices, co-authored by Ed Musters
Not yet reviewed.

Expert SharePoint 2010 Practices


And one more by the Easterners: Beginning SharePoint 2010: Building Business Solutions with SharePoint co-authored by Amanda and Shane Perran
Not yet reviewed.

Building Business Solutions with SharePoint


Thanks to all my local colleagues for taking the time to share their insights with the world-wide community. This collection represents hundreds of hours sacrificed from family, friends and work, and multiples of that in practical experience. Have I missed any? Do you have reviews of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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