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  • How I Work: Bill Gates (MS) vs. Marissa Meyer (Google)

    In this fascinating series, a dozen people talk about how they organize their work. For Bill Gates, it's

    • Three monitors to organize the desktop,
    • Outlook and SharePoint,
    • a Tablet PC with OneNote, and
    • a whiteboard.
    More in the series (click on a name to bring up the gallery, then use the navigation to see other responses).

    Be sure to check out Marissa Meyer, Google VP, Search Products and User Experience. Marissa spends one day a week (Saturday or Sunday) doing "e-mail for ten to 14 hours straight." Honestly, I didn't realize Google VPs personally moderated Google Groups, because really, what else could be so time-consuming?

    Marissa uses GMail for 10-20 personal messages a day, but finds it comes up short for serious e-mail management where she relies on, um, PINE. Yes, PINE. Of meetings at Google, she notes that "We are a very laptop-friendly culture. It's not uncommon to walk into a meeting at Google where everyone has a laptop open." Unbelievable stuff, but I feel she's holding out on some productivity magic.

    And sure enough. "To keep track of tasks, I have a little document called a task list. . . . It's just a list in a text file. . . . Using this, I can plan my day out the night before: 'These are the five high-priority things to focus on.' But at Google things can change pretty fast. This morning I had my list of what I thought I was going to do today, but now I'm doing entirely different things." Slow down Marissa, I can't keep up. This amazing futuristic world you live in seems too fantastic for mere words. But seriously, anytime you decide life's too short for 12 hour e-mail binges, 11 hour workdays, and people physically lined up at your door from 4:00 to 5:30 waiting to have critical questions answered, I can help you set up this thing called SharePoint. . .

    But there's a lesson in them thar hills. Marissa is a bright person who does a great job - the Google user experience is wonderful. I'll assume she uses what works for her. Are they the best tools? Honestly, I don't know her world. I can only say that I have used those tools - every one - and if I still did, I'd average 67 hours of work per week (11x5 + [(14+10)/2]) too. Could she boost productivity by spending some up-front time building better aggregators and filters for her world? Probably. How? That would make a really good series.

  • Looked at Eli's SharePoint Resources lately?

    Here's a great feature idea for weblog articles - versioning. I went looking for a book link today on my resources page and SONNOVA, the article's been truncated at the Site Template list. Hmmm, I was just updating those the other day. . . ARGH! (These reactions have been heavily sanitized for family viewing.)

    So maybe there's a way to recover rather than rebuild. In fact, maybe you can help. I wouldn't expect anyone to save a page of links but hey, maybe you have it cached (and have so far resisted temptation to click the link above). All versions include the phrase:
    improved list of SharePoint Resources

    A recent version would include the phrase:
    New 2006-Mar!

    This link explains how to find your MSIE cache folders, usually:
    C:\Documents and Settings<i>username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

    From there it's up to your favourite text search utility. I like Total Commander for all thing file management  you'll have your own. I located a version from January, can you do better?

  • Mark your calendar for 01:02:03 04/05/06

    As noted by good friend Blake (sans blog):

    _well if yer workin the graveyard this week you'll be in for some sort of
    historical triva. at 2 min, 3 sec after 1am wed the time n date will be:
    01:02:03 04/05/06
    that one won't happen again till the emperor decides to change the
    calendar on us.
    Update: Yes, depending on your preferred method of writing dates, this once-in-a-calendar occasion will either occur this week (mm/dd/yy) or in May (dd/mm/yy). Being Canadian, I've marked the date for May. And if you're a hard-core high-order to low-order kinda person, then you already celebrated on either 01/02/03 04:05:06 or 06/05/04 03:02:01 instead, or will instead mark 07/06/05 04:03:02.01 on your calendar. Your mileage may vary, offer not valid to expatriates of Saskatchewan or employees of the Directorate of Time.