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If you had been reading my blog, you must be wondering where did he go after publishing such awesome blog entries(jk). I had gotten lot of good feed back on the examples I had done on linq to SQL but like all good things must come to an end so did linq to SQL for me. My company was committed in moving forward with EF so I decided to move forward with Entity framework as well. During the process I learned so much stuff and felt the pain most developers went through with this technology. No doubt EF has a learning curve like any other technology but mapping scenarios offered by EF are simply great.

May be the reader base can get the same perception about EF and the mapping scenarios it offers even in version 1 as I did, after reading the PDF that contains 500 pages of content about entity framework. I wish I could complete the whole thing and discuss every aspect of EF that I had learned. Time is definitely a concern for me because I have to move to other cool things that I have been wanting to get to but never made it.

Below is a link to the PDF document that contains examples of various mapping scenarios and concepts that I have learned about entity framework

Entity Framework learning guide

I have updated the project to include the console app that executes the models. In addition, the zip also contains all the databases required for the projects to run.

Complete Project With databases

Due to time constraints, I have not been able to do editing or modify the English to improve its readability.  My intent was to use this document as learning guide for me and my co-workers but I felt that content is useful enough to benefit rest of the community.

Update 6/14/2010

After spending good 2 years on Entity Framework and writing a long eBook, i received several emails from people that i should write a full fledged book on Entity Framework that covers that takes a deeper dive into the subject. Early last year, I partnered with my co-worker Larry to finally start this project and write my first book for Apress. I am happy to announce that my Entity Framework 4.0 recipes book is finally released and is available for purchase from amazon or any other online retailers.

Below is the link to the Amazon listing of my book.


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