Windows Run Command Wish List

In order to get more familiar with the new features in version 2.0 of .NET and C# I have been working on a side project using C# Express Beta 1. The project that I have been working on is a replacement for the windows run command. I for one use the run command a lot and there has always been some features lacking. Currently the run command provides a drop down list of the last 26 typed commands and the auto complete functionality for the file system / browser history as described here. Some features that I have already implemented for my new run command are:
  • Auto complete commands - as you type you are given a suggestion list matching what you have typed and the command that matches the closest is filled in for you
  • Smart suggestion list - the commands you use the most often appear at the top of the suggestion list, and the commands are pre-populated with common commands that someone might run like:
    • Start Menu Shortcuts
    • Control Panel Applets
    • Favorites
    • Recently Opened Documents
    • Common Windows Commands - i.e. My Computer, My Pictures, Administrative Tools, etc.
    • All Executables in the Path
  • Easily create short commands - being able to define short strings to run the command of your choice, like defining "ie" to open up Internet Explorer.
  • Command hotkeys - being able to assign a hotkey for any of your custom commands.
  • List computer shares on network - when you type "\\" it provides a list of the computers on your LAN and then when you type "\" again it provides a list of the shares on that computer (including hidden shares)
Also one other side feature not necessarily related to the run command that I'm including is the ability to assign a global hotkey that will minimize the foreground application to the system tray.
What I would like to know is if there are other things people would like to see included in a replacement run command? Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Once I have a working version I will post it.
Update: For anyone interested I have released see this post for information about the release of my program Run++.


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