What is the problem with Marketing People?

Why is there such a problem with Marketing People?  I have dealt with numerous ones thru the years.  None of them will ever listen to how the consulting business works.  They just want to launch into selling something, anything, and they won't do the necessary homework and prepatory work, like understanding consulting, understanding who potential customers are, understand who the wrong potential customers are (you would be amazed at the number of worthless meetings I have gone to where the customer wants a custom developed package for the cost of something at CompUSA), creating marketing documentation, using a package like ACT! or Goldmine to document what is going on.  Just this week, a lady that has worked for my father told him that she didn't need to know any of that stuff and she acted like she didn't need to learn anything about a computer.  What is wrong these marketing people? 

When I meet a potential customer, I spend a lot of time asking them how their business operates, what their goals are, what does their technology infrastructure look like, and educate myself as to how their business runs.  Why can't I find a marketing person that will do that?


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  • Where should I start.

    Many marketing people have nothing that evaluates the quality of what they do.

    They say it works, they are in the buisness of talk.

    In a way they are just like sales people except that they don't actualy sell the product.

    Marketing is a lot more valueable when you are targeting a mass-market and have millions to spend.

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