Whidbey Membership, Roles, Profile and Provider pattern backported to Everett?

Note: this entry has moved.


I just downloaded the Community Server beta 2 with the intention of having a quick look at it. Unzipped the download and found no source code… L (there is a “no source code will be available for beta 2” legend in one of the readme files too).


So I fired up Reflector and started looking at the available classes to get an idea of how the integration of .Text, ASP.NET Forums, ect looked like. While doing this I stumped at an assembly whose naming was not following the standard “CommunityServer.blah.dll”, instead it was named “MemberRole.dll”…


“Oh, an implementation of membership & roles coming from the guys at Telligent and/or the community” was what I thought. But then, why in the world is it named with no “CommunityServer” or “Telligent” prefix?


I’m curious you know… so I had to feed this little “MemberRole.dll” through Reflector and… big surprise!


The namespaces used start with “Microsoft” and by quickly looking at the implemented classes one can easily tell that it looks like a backport of the Membership, Roles, Profile and Provider pattern found in the Whidbey bits.


I haven’t heard anything about this yet, maybe this is because I’m like 1.5 weeks behind weblogs…



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