Intro to RX

Lab49 colleague Lee Campbell has a nice 7 part write-up on the Reactive Extensions

He says:

it is big in all sorts of ways:

  1. In the way that it tackles the Observer pattern is bold
  2. In the way it tackles concurrency is quite a shift from how I have done it before.
  3. The number of (extension) methods is huge.
  4. The way in which it integrates with LINQ to leverage LINQ's compensability & declarative style
  5. The fact that any .NET dev should care UI, backend algorithm coder or Integrator. It helps all of us.
  6. The future plans are even more grand, but that is a different series all together :-)

The series covers


  • Lee's posts are excellent, but his blog's black skin is awful.

  • Cheers Scott for the link. Post 8 & 9 are out now with 10 and 11 hot on it's heels

    @Sergey: Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking with the black skin. I want to spend the spare time doing more Rx posts and then I can give it a new coat of paint.

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