Talks: ASP.NET MVC Post Conference Workshop at ASP.NET Connections Orlando

Thank you everyone who came to my full-day workshop on ASP.NET MVC! Here is the link to the updated PowerPoint slides:

ASP.NET MVC PowerPoint

Here are the links to the sample applications discussed during the workshop. All of the sample applications were built against the CodePlex release of ASP.NET MVC (build 0416) at

  • Custom Routes Demo -- Demonstrates how to create different types of custom routes. Demonstrates Catch-All routes, httpMethod constraints, and the RouteExistingFiles property.
  • Controller Demo -- Demonstrates RenderView(), NonActionAttribute, RedirectToAction(), Redirect(), and HandleUnknownAction.
  • Views Demo -- Demonstrates how to create script views, control views, untyped views, typed views, partial views with user controls, partial views with components, and use the BinderHelperExtensions class when binding view data.
  • Action Filter Demos -- Demonstrates how to create a Logging ActionFilter and an HttpMethod ActionFilter.
  • MVC AJAX Demos -- Demonstrates how to use AJAX to call a controller action and how to call a web service using AJAX in an ASP.NET MVC application.
  • TempData Demo -- Demonstrates how to use TempData to store validation error messages.
  • TDD Tests Demo -- Demonstrates how to test a controller action using MS Test unit tests.


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