New ASP.NET MVC Tutorials

I created three new ASP.NET MVC tutorials that were just published at the website. There are both C# and VB.NET versions of each tutorial. Here are the direct links and descriptions:

Create new HTML Helpers to make it easier to generate view content. Stephen Walther demonstrates two simple methods of creating new HTML Helpers.

Learn how to create data access classes by taking advantage of Microsoft LINQ to SQL. In this video tutorial, you learn how to use a LINQ to SQL DataContext class directly within a controller. You also learn how to use the Repository Pattern to create testable and flexible database-driven applications.

Need to display a set of database records in an MVC view? Learn two methods of displaying records in an HTML table. You learn how to perform all of the formatting inline. You also learn how to create a template with an MVC partial.

Please let me know if there are specific tutorials that you want to see in the future.


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