About Sijin Joseph's blog

I am a Software Architect living in the Greater Boston Area. Proud father of 2 boys. Taught myself to program and started writing software when I was 13, since then I have developed on several platforms over the past 20 years. Currently interested in machine learning, high performance web apps, mobile, security, network architecture, electronics and robotics. I enjoy solving problems using technology, learning new things, reading and writing about technology. If I had the freedom to choose what to work on, my list would be as follows,
  • Write a self aware AI system. I am fascinated by consciousness and how it emerges from simple mechanical rules.
  • Build a Robot with human like motor skills and intelligence.
  • Build a system to download your mind to an electronic medium, thus allowing "one" to exist outside their own body.
  • Build a better model for the Universe. My personal belief is that all matter is connected and is able to share information at a level we're not able to comprehend currently.
  • Build ships capable of inter planetary travel.
  • Write software that gets used by millions of people.
A few years ago I developed a Programmer Competency Matrix which has been somewhat popular. In 2012, I took part in a NFC/Android Hackathon and was ranked #3 for my app LokoChat which lets you create HyperLocal chat rooms. I made my first open source contribution in 2011 to Python and more specifically CPython. I was a Most Valuable Professional(MVP) for Microsoft in 2005 for my contributions to the .Net community. I've been developing software professionally for more than 12 years now, the majority of my experience has been in working with startups, building and managing software teams, and shipping awesome software. My LinkedIn profile has more details.