About Scott Dockendorf

My name is Scott Dockendorf.

  • Current Co-Founder, CTO for VeCyber, Cyber Security and Risk Management solution for small businesses
  • 22 years experience in software development
  • Former 4-time Microsoft C# MVP award recipient (2005-2009)
  • Owner, Green Bay Packers
  • Husband. Father. Music fanatic. Drummer. Geek with a personality.

Group Associations:

  • Program Director of Dallas .net User Group (2017-Present)
  • Microsoft South Central Developer Guidance Council member
  • Previous Program Director of both the North Dallas .NET User Group (2004-2009) and Dallas .NET User Group (2002-2004)


  • Healthcare & Cybersecurity Trends, LG CNS Access 2017
  • Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET, Microsoft Developer Days, 2001
  • Putting It All Together: A Review of OpenHack, Microsoft Developer Days, 2004
  • Middle-Tier Development with .NET, Plano & Ft. Worth .NET User Groups
  • Test-Driven Development & .NET, Dallas, Plano & Ft. Worth .NET User Groups.
  • Test Driven Development & .NET TODAY - Oklahoma City .NET Developers Group
  • Unit Testing with VS 2005 VSTS - TDD Workshop, Dallas, Texas
  • Writing Quality Code with VS 2005 VSTS - Visual Studio 2005 Developers Conference , Dallas, Texas


  • Unit Testing With Whidbey, A Concise Look at Microsoft's Impressive Offering .NET Developer's Journal, December, 2004.
  • Unit Testing and Generating Source Code for Unit Test Frameworks Using Visual Studio 2005 Team System MSDN Online, September, 2005.  (View Online)