ReportViewer configuration

Some of my team member was facing configuring report viewer.Most of the post are confusing or not able to understand properly.
This is what we concluded and thought to put a quick note on it.

No 1 Section : This is the report name
No 2 Section : ReportServer make the default name on URL sometime even if you don’t see on browser you still need to try with “Reportserver” on url. In our case the DB/report team did not mentioned nothing about “ReprtServer” on URL but it was needed.

No 3. “Adventure Works” is the folder path name.This required as full path. Don’t confuse with browser URL path. Look for actual server path. Browser show something like this “Report/page” blah blah..But this is not the right URL.

No 4: Credential are configured on server and you should able to see report without any login prompt even if you gave “MyReportViewer.ShowCredentialPrompts = false” option. this also need to inherits from IReportServerCredentials  and pass the user id and password using NetworkCredential .



Hope this help somebody and save sometime.

Good luck


Suresh Behera

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