• Just watching the video Roy (first time I've seen you present too). Nice presentation. The only thing that I have to comment on is that (IMHO) Scrum is not a methodology but rather a process, but as you said, you pick and choose what you need for a team. I just think the distinction between methodology and process is important, but maybe I stand alone in that idea.

  • One more thing, can you provide a url to the TFS notification service template you used in the demos? Thanks.

  • You should be careful about redistributing the Team Foundation Client assemblies... it's probably a violation of some eula....

  • Nice Video,

    Really liked the video.

  • That was a nice talk Roy. I've worked in a few environments where we had CI via NAnt, NUnit, and Cruise Control. The results of harnessing these 3 tools were amazing. I am still grappling with how suitable Team system is for CI. Your talk in Barcelona definately opened my eyes to the possibilities.

  • Thanks Roy for the great info, I'm preparing a Toronto presentation on continuous integration this March. I'm planning to demo with nant, cruise control and VS.NET, and will likely look over your stuff and share anything else that I might dig up preparing.

  • Is there anywhere I can download the entire video? I don't have the kind of bandwidth required to view the video. :)

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