• Frans, awesome. Any specific reason why?

  • @Frans,

    See I totally disagree with your asserting about integration testing. With Roy's example about integration testing other people (couples) are required to know about out dependencies such as who bought what, and how much it cost.

    Nowhere does it speak to anything about 'getting things done'.

  • I think that this question very specific and will correspond to each person and separateness, showing its character and manners.

  • Secret geek: I like!
    I also like taking it to the tasting of individual food items and then together as a meal.
    Also nice was testing at the kitchen level, and at the diner table level.

  • I, too, thought it would be about tasting - how ginger chicken tastes great on it's own but when paired with garlic brussel sprouts (also flavorful on their own) the two compete and don't mesh well.


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