• KJ doesn't appear to support WINKEY shortcuts. I use AutoHotKey for a myriad of keyboard enhancements, but since they all use the WINKEY, none of them appear in KJ.

  • Alex Dresko: The latest build now does support WinKey

  • Works great now! I'm pretty well known around town for my extensive use of the keyboard, and I've even given a "Work smarter, not harder" presentation at our local guild in which I spend a great deal of time showing off various shortcuts. I can't wait to give my presentation again, knowing I'll have Keyboard Jedi running constantly in the background! It might also prevent people from having to ask "How'd you do that?" every time someone stands over my shoulder.

    Also, being a keyboard junkie AND a code monkey, I couldn't help but think of a few potentially cool features... I was thinking it would be pretty rad if, every night, KJ transmitted the total number of keys pressed and shortcuts pressed to a simple web service hosted on your website. The data from all of KJ's users could be analyzed to show who types the most on average (or daily, monthly, yearly, ...), as well as who uses the most keyboard shortcuts, effectively ranking individuals on different metrics. Characters Per Minute is not nearly as valuable as Characters Per Month! :)

    Surely there's something interesting in that data. I know I type more keyboard shortcuts than anyone in my company (~200 other noobs), so I can't help but wonder how I stack up against others.

    Plus, I figure if you've got enough time to write this kind of utility, you can add a silly feature like that! :)

    If interested, you might have to figure out if shortcuts count as one key, or one times the number of keys in the shortcut. Also, should the backspace key decrement the count?

    Just a little food for thought.. :)

  • Hi, thanks for this prog.
    Could you think of 2 improvements to this ?
    1. Adding option to turn on/off showing shortcuts starting with Shift key.
    2. Auto hide to tray when switching from Visual Studio if VisualStudioOnly option is set to True.

  • It would be nice if it could listen to more than one program.

  • I am not able to install this. can u help me to install.

  • just use Autohotkey

  • Unfortunatelly, Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F12 has some meaning in ReSharper.

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